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Becoming an Accountant

When you want to become an accountant, it always pays to have more education. The more qualified you are, the more competitive your resume will be in a stack of 500. You should try to obtain your CPA certification if you want to be a highly competitive candidate in applying for accounting jobs. If you do not have the time to pursue a four-year bachelor’s degree, then you do have other options for entering the world of accounting. Having an associate’s degree can still allow you to get your foot in the door at a finance firm. Here are your degree options if you want to become an accountant.

Associate’s Degree in Accounting

An associate’s degree in accounting usually takes about two years to complete. It can take shorter if you decide to take courses throughout the summer. An associate’s degree is usually a favorable option for the person who may be working full-time. If you pursue this type of degree, then you will be able to take on a bookkeeping position at an accounting firm.

Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting

To pursue a bachelor’s degree in accounting, you will need to devote at least four years to the study of accounting. Your college may not offer a specific degree that is coined as “accounting.” You may need to pursue a degree in finance or business administration at your particular college. This is one of the main reasons you should research the programs that a college offers before you decide to attend any particular college. If you want to become a Certified Public Accountant, then you will need to obtain a four-year bachelor’s degree. You can not become a CPA if you do not have a bachelor’s degree. To obtain a spot at a competitive financial firm, you will also need to have a bachelor’s degree in finance or accounting.


Master’s Degree in Accounting

You may want to pursue a master’s degree in accounting if there is a specialty that you want to have on your resume. You can learn more about tax accounting or completing audits if you decide to pursue a master’s degree. The main benefit of pursuing this type of degree is that it only takes one year. For only one year of education, you can have increased earning power and also have better career opportunities. You may be able to be promoted in your current position at a finance firm if you have a master’s degree in accounting.

Doctoral Degree in Accounting

You do not need a doctoral degree in accounting if you want to work for a prestigious finance firm. The main purpose people tend to pursue this type of degree is so that they have the ability to teach at the college level. Once you have a doctoral degree in accounting, you will be able to teach in a university setting. To complete this degree program usually takes about four to five years. You will also need to complete a thesis paper for your degree.