Accounting Internships

If you want to excel in becoming an accountant, it is important to try to gain as much experience as you can before entering the profession. The competition for accounting positions at prestigious finance firms is incredibly tough. Ever since the financial crisis hit the country a few years ago, the most prestigious firms are now requiring that accountants have additional qualifications on their resumes. These firms want to see that individuals have a certification in fraud detection or in financial management. One of the ways that you can also separate yourself from the crowd of applicants is by having gained some internship experience during college. Here are some ways that you can go through the internship application process.

Clarify Your Goals

First, you should figure out what your goals for the finance internship are. If you awnt to enter the world of investment banking in New York, then you will need to apply for internship programs at firms like Credit Suisse or Goldman Sachs. You should try to submit your application as early as possible. Perhaps you know that you do not want to be an accountant in this part of the finance industry. Maybe you want to be an accountant for a small business. If you want to find an internship for a small business, then you should apply for positions at local businesses in the community. You may also be able to work with a career services department at your college in order to find a position at a local business.

Take Specialized Courses

If you want to obtain an internship in a prestigious finance firm, then you can set yourself apart by taking specialized courses. You may want to take a class in the estate and gift tax. You may want to understand the most recent compliance regulations that have impacted the finance industry. Financial companies now want to hire individuals who can perform compliance work for them.

Gather Recommendation Letters

You will need to gather recommendation letters from your former employers or your current professors. You should meet with a professor early in the semester to discuss your internship aspirations with him or her. A professor can be a great help to you in clarifying your internship goals. He or she can also get a head start in writing your letter of recommendation. You should be sure to request your letter early in the semester so that your professor has the adequate amount of time to be able to write your letter. You do not want to approach him or her late in the semester, because that may be when other students ask that professor for a letter of recommendation.

Submit Your Applications

You should submit your internship applications in the appropriate way. You should read through the application in order to find out whether the company wants you to mail a hard copy of an application or an electronic version. It is important to submit your application in the right way so that it is not disqualified.