Accounting Associate Degree Programs (Starting with “A”)

With colleges all across the country increasing prices with each passing year, it’s no wonder why so many students look for accounting Associate degrees. These programs let you complete your degree at a fraction of the cost that other schools charge. Though you’ll learn the same skills and leave with the same degree, you’ll pay up to half the cost that you would at another school. These programs are available all across the country, and with the skills that you learn, you can seek employment as a bookkeeper, office manager or assistant accountant, or transfer your credits to another school.

Aiken Technical College

Business, Marketing and Finance

Located in South Carolina, Aiken Technical College is part of the South Carolina Technical School System. This system started as a way to better prepare the large number of adult students and high school graduates entering college. Unlike other school systems that focus on four-year programs, this system believes in teaching students the fundamental skills that employers require of new employees. While some students attend a larger school, many students immediately seek employment in the field after leaving the school. Fewer than 130 students enrolled in the school in 1972, but thousands of students now attend the college.

Associate in Applied Science Accounting

Aiken Technical College ranks as one of the most affordable schools in the state of South Carolina. Students living in state and entering the school as a resident pay tuition costs of just $3,818, while out of state students pay a slightly higher tuition cost of $4,163. Designed as a two-year program, the AAS Accounting degree program requires that students take classes during the fall, spring and summer semester for two years to finish the program. You take your first accounting course, accounting principles, during your first semester, but you also take courses on math, business and computers. Students also take classes on computerized accounting, economics, cost analysis and payroll accounting. ATC also gives its students the options of skipping the summer semesters and only taking classes during the year, which extends the program by one year or less. General education and elective courses are also available for students enrolled in the accounting program.

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges

2276 J. Davis Highway
Graniteville, SC 29829
(803) 593-9231
Tuition: Out of State: $4,163 In State: $3,818

Alexandria Technical College

Business Technology Division

Established in 1961, the Alexandria Area Vocational Technical School opened with a limited number of courses. As a vocational school, it primarily offered classes on mechanics and carpentry, but it didn’t take long before its growing enrollment necessitated a need for additional programs. Now known as Alexandria Technical College, the Alexandria Technical & Community College is part of the Minnesota State University School System. Professors create programs that provide students with the foundation that they need for additional growth. Many students take a break after college before attending another program in the school system, but students can also work after graduation.

Accounting AS Degree

Attending a traditional college can cost upwards of $30,000 a year, and even some of the larger public schools in Minnesota can cost thousands of dollars each semester. Alexandria Technical College keeps costs down, and students will find that tuition costs just $5,385. When you complete your Accounting AAS degree, you take a combination of accounting and general education courses that will transfer to any larger college in the school system. This lets you save quite a bit of money, and you can later finish your Bachelor’s degree at one of those bigger schools. All students take a total of 60 credit hours of courses, which include 30 credit hours of general education courses and 30 credit hours of technical and accounting classes. Specifically designed for transfer students, those technical courses cover topics relating to business, computers and other concepts and ideas that accountants use every day on the job.

Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association

Alexandria Technical & Community College
1601 Jefferson Street
Alexandria, MN 56308
(320) 762-0221
Tuition: $5,385  

Allan Hancock College

Business Department

Allan Hancock College originally opened as the Santa Maria Junior College. Specifically designed as a feeder school for the Santa Maria High School District, many of its early students graduated from a local high school. The college grew by leaps and bounds over the coming years, adding a number of new buildings that expanded its campuses and adding new programs and courses that appealed to more students. While the school still remains a popular option for local teens, it also has a large number of adult students enrolled in its program. Its affordable tuition and low fees make it a good choice for those looking to save money.

AS in Accounting

If you want to complete an AS in Accounting without worrying about taking out a large number of loans, Allan Hancock might be the best choice for you. Students from all across the state of California pay just $1,346 for tuition costs, while those from other states pay tuition costs of $6,666. Those low costs combined with the dependable professors make this one of the top schools in the state. The AS in Accounting degree requires the completion of 21 units, which include 15 units in financial accounting, managerial accounting, accounting information systems, financial statement analysis and tax accounting. Students also take an introduction to business and a computer class. After completing those courses, students six units in business and computer courses. The college recommends that students take a seminar in accounting as well, which looks at specialized areas of accounting and gives students up to five units.

Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges

800 S. College Dr.
Santa Maria, CA 93454
(805) 922-6966
Tuition:  Out of State: $6,666 In State: $1,346

Allegany College of Maryland

Business and Technologies

Allegany Community College opened in 1961 as one of several community colleges in the state. Its original focus on vocational and technical training helped the school survive even as other similar schools closed. As enrollment increased, the college purchased a large area of land and built a new campus. That campus covered more than 300 acres of land and had just seven buildings, but it now houses dozens of buildings that its students use every day. The college now has a close connection with the University of Maryland School System, and it offers a number of programs that prepare students for classes at one of those larger schools.

Accounting AS

The Accounting AS program through the Allegany College of Maryland is a two-year program that helps students interested in working after graduation or completing a Bachelor’s degree. Students take a combination of business, economics and accounting degrees in addition to some general education courses. All students must successfully pass classes on history, humanities, social sciences, math and science before graduating. As one of the more affordable schools in the state, in state tuition costs just $3,450, while out of state and transfer students pay $6,240. The school offers a number of courses designed to meet the diverse needs of its students. You can take longer classes that meet once a week, weekend classes, night classes, online courses or traditional classes that meet two or more times every week. Some students complete an internship while taking their accounting classes, and a large number of students later transfer to another UM school.

Middle States Commission on Higher Education

3501 University Blvd. East
Adelphi, MD 20783
(800) 888-8682
Tuition: Out of State: $6,240 In State: $3,450

American River College

Business and Computer Science

American River Junior College ranks as one of the largest community colleges in California. As one of the schools in the California Community Colleges System, the school believes that students should have access to good jobs after graduation, which is why its programs focus on specialized knowledge and general education. The college added a number of new buildings to its campus in the mid-2000s, and it added a new parking garage and other buildings that met the needs of the many students who commuted to campus every day. More than 3,500 students now take classes online and on the American River College campus.

A.A. – Accounting

Finding an affordable college is on the minds of every student, and American River College is one of the more affordable options in California. If you live in the state and enroll in the accounting program, you will only pay $1,104, and if you move to the state for school, you’ll pay $7,200. The A.A. – Accounting program provides you with a strong foundation that will better prepare you for working in an accounting firm or finishing your Bachelor’s degree later. The school offers a number of specialized programs that let you gain skills in financial accounting, tax preparation or another topic. You also have the chance to finish a certification before you graduate. Certification programs include accounting, taxation and an accounting clerk certification. Those certifications can help you land a job working for a firm that specializes in preparing taxes for individuals and business owners or as an accounting clerk for a major corporation.

Western Association of Schools and Colleges

4700 College Oak Drive
Sacramento, Calif. 95841
(916) 484-8011
Tuition: Out of State: $7,200 In State: $1,104

Arapahoe Community College

Accounting Department

Founded on the idea that every student deserved access to affordable education, Arapahoe Community College maintains that same belief today. While tuition for out of state students is a little high at $11,961, in state students pay much less for their education. If you take classes at this school, expect to pay around $3,063 for your tuition. ACC now has three campuses in various locations across the state, and each of those campuses offer students access to more than 100 different programs. Its low class sizes give students the chance to form close working relationships with their professors and other faculty members.

AAS Accounting

Earning your AAS Accounting degree is a simple way to find the job of your dreams later. An Associate’s degree will let you work as a payroll specialist, bookkeeper, managerial accountant, a fixed asset manager or in dozens of other fields. If you decide that you want to make more money and complete your Bachelor’s degree, the credits you earn in the program will transfer to DeVry University or Regis University. Both of those schools have campuses in Colorado, and both let students take online courses. The program requires the completion of 16 credit hours in general education classes, including communications, business, economics and math. Students also complete 32 credit hours in core business, accounting and finance classes. Most students complete the program in four semesters, and the school offers some flexibility as to when its students take the required classes with both night courses and weekend classes available.

Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools

5900 South Santa Fe Drive
Littleton, Colorado 80120-1801
(303) 797-5925
Tuition: Out of State: $11,961 In State: $3,063

Augusta Technical College

Business and Personal Service

Founded in 1961 as the Augusta Area Vocational-Technical School, Augusta Technical College expanded its enrollment size and course offerings when it merged with another nearby school just a few years later. From its early beginnings, the school wanted to keep costs down, which it accomplished through new courses and programs. Those new programs led to more students enrolling, which helped the school increase its annual revenue. The college keeps a close eye on the newest trends in the world of education and adds new courses to help its students become more informed about the topics in their field of study.

AAS Accounting

As an in state accounting student, your tuition at Augusta Technical College is only $2,498. That tuition cost increases to $4,538 for out of state students. Schools offering similar programs charge upwards of $10,000 for tuition. In addition to the savings that the school offers, you’ll find that you qualify for a number of potential jobs, including positions as accounting clerks, bankers and financial officers. The Associate of Applied Science degree program covers five terms and requires 66 credit hours of courses. Many students attend the summer session to finish the program in two years, while other students take an extra fall semester of classes. All students take 15 units of general education courses in psychology, music, English and math, but the program also requires that you take 31 units of accounting and business classes and 15 units of occupational electives. Occupational electives include accounting courses and internships that you complete over one semester.

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges

3200 Augusta Tech Drive
Augusta, GA 30906
(706) 771-4000
Tuition: Out of State: $4,538 In State: $2,498

Austin Community College

Accounting Department

The Austin Community College District consists of 10 campuses in the Austin area. In addition to those campuses, students can also complete courses and work at one of the eight learning centers that are part of the district. Since opening in the early 1970s, the school worked hard to keep costs as low as possible for its students, in state students now pay $2,490, while out of state students pay $7,860. Those low costs are just one reason why thousands of students take classes through this school system. Students also like the low class sizes, gorgeous campuses and knowledgeable professors.

AAS Accounting

The AAS Accounting degree is one of two degrees offered by the school. Austin Community College believes that students learn better when they have a trusted friend by their side, which is why the school assigns you an advisor when you first enroll. Your advisor will sit down and talk with you about your plans for the future and help you create a degree plan. That plan shows you exactly what classes you will take each semester until you finish the program. After starting your program, you can take a few additional courses to earn certification in a specific field, including marketable accounting skills certification or technical accounting skills certification. You also have the option of choosing an AAS degree with a focus on an accountant specialist or an accountant technician. Required courses for both programs include mathematics for business and economics, beginning and intermediate accounting, principles of accounting and introduction to computing.

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges

5930 Middle Fiskville Rd.
Austin, Texas 78752-4390
(512) 223-4222
Tuition: Out of State: $7,860 In State: $2,490

The future looks brighter when you attend classes at any of these schools. You have the option of taking courses that will better prepare you for an accounting or bookkeeping job or for any position that requires strong math skills.

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