Does the IRS Hire Interns?

Does the IRS Hire InternsA number of federal governmental agencies have internship programs for college students. A majority of federal agencies that have internship programs offer these positions to undergraduate students. The Internal Revenue Service does have an intern program. The IRS intern program differs somewhat from what is offered through other federal agencies.

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Essential Facts About the Internal Revenue Service Internship Program

A primary difference exists between the internship programs offered through most governmental agencies and that offered through the IRS. That distinction is found in the fact that unlike most other agencies, the IRS internship program is not available to undergraduate students.

The IRS internship program is open to students seeking a master’s degree, according to the Internal Revenue Service. In order to qualify for the IRS internship program, a master’s student must be majoring in accounting.

The IRS intern program runs in the summertime. It is a paid internship, with participants working a 40-hour week. Students do have some flexibility with scheduling their work hours.

Students in the IRS internship program typically are assigned to the Large Business and International Division of the agency. This is the part of the IRS that deals with corporations with assets over $10 million.

How Students Qualify for an IRS Internship

In addition to studying for a master’s degree in accounting, there are some other qualifications needed for a student to enter into the IRS internship program. Chief among these requirements is the need to have at least a 3.0 grade point average.

Students can make application to be considered for an internship online. These applications are screened and interviews are then scheduled as part of the screening process.

Chief Counsel Honors Program

The IRS has a specialized program for law students at the agency. The opportunity is called the Chief Counsel Honors Program. The Chief Counsel Honors Program is for students scheduled to obtain a JD or an LLM. Students admitted to the Chief Counsel Honors Program make a three-year commitment to the agency. Participants in the Chief Counsel Honors Program are able to work in offices nationwide.

This is considered to be a highly competitive program for law students heading towards graduation. In order to be considered for the Chief Counsel Honors Program a student must have a GPA of at least 3.4. In addition, a student must be ranked in the top 25 percent of his or her class.

Other attributes of an ideal candidate for the program include Order of the Coif or receipt of the American Jurisprudence Award. Being on the law journal or participating in moot court are a couple other examples of attributes of ideal candidates for the Chief Counsel Honors Program.

These special programs for master’s students and individuals who will soon graduate from law school provide excellent opportunities. Participation in these programs provide solid foundations upon which a person can establish a solid career with either a governmental agency or in the private sector. They are considered outstanding opportunities for people at the start of their professional lives, among the best in the federal government.

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