How Do I Become a CFO?

how do i become a cfo

For those who want to become a CFO, there are a variety of prerequisites that are essential in order to up the likelihood of being hired or promoted. The job of a CFO is rated very highly as of the most satisfying jobs.  Preparing oneself for the job of a CFO can be a difficult process as one will often need to acquire not only a large amount of experience and accounting ability prior, but also a variety of other essential skills. However, as the job is very rewarding, it is well worth the time and effort. For those who are considering a job as a CFO, be certain to hone in on these skills and experience in order to have the best opportunity.

Thinking Big

For those who are thinking about trying to convert from the role of a CPA to a CFO, one of the biggest skills necessary is the ability to think big. When one thinks about the business in a more holistic manner, a variety of different opportunities present themselves. One needs to be strategic about this in order to gain the advantage necessary. The best way to show one’s ability and garner experience is to be the person in the organization that everyone goes to for help, which means socializing in all levels of the business. This will help give one a feel for the direction of the company and how the entire business functions.

Effective Communication of Data

As the CFO in any organization works very closely with the CEO, it is essential to gain skills in effective communication and data organization. By learning these skills, one will be in a much better position to communicate a large amalgam of information to the CEO in order to create results. The more effectively the information, and its implications, is communicated, the more effective the CFO, and organization as a whole, is.

Leadership Skills

As a CFO, leadership skills are extremely important. Every CFO knows how essential it is to be able to deal with people in the most effective and helpful manner. This is an area that is typically very far from the traditional education of a CPA; because of this, it is necessary to challenge one’s own weaknesses in order to have an opportunity to get a job as CFO. Additionally, as the CFO often deals with a large variety of company sectors, it is essential to be able to motivate people to accomplish tasks on deadline and in a quality manner.

Social Skills

Like leadership skills, improving social skills is essential in order to become a CFO. The biggest advantage a CPA can have when attempting to become a CFO is being a true socialite, which is uncommon when you consider most CPAs. In any corporate environment, social skills are necessary in order to make the most of the situation. Communicate with everyone in the business from the CEO to the receptionist; by doing this, one can have a much better idea of how the company functions and can gain valuable information and can get attention, which can all help to increase the likelihood of becoming a CFO.

Becoming a CFO can be a long process; however, it is very doable. The best way to become a CFO is to hone one’s social skills, leadership ability and business understanding as well as continuing their role as a skilled CPA. By doing these things, one has a great chance of becoming a CFO.

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