How Do You Become a Tax Accountant?

become a tax accountant

If you enjoy working with numbers and would like to help people or businesses make the most of their money, why not choose to become a tax accountant? Tax accountants can work in many different work environments including tax preparation companies, government agencies, private businesses, and accounting firms.

They can even work freelance if they wish. Furthermore, while many people think that accounting is simply seasonal work, the good news is that the services of these professionals are needed year-round. But before you can begin a career in this intriguing field, you will need to complete the steps that are described below.

Earn Your Bachelor Degree

The first step you will need to complete to become a tax accountant is to enroll in an accredited school and earn a minimum of a bachelors degree in accounting. This can get you started in the field and help you gain experience before choosing to return to school and work towards your master degree in accounting.

During your business program, you will need to major in accounting and complete such relevant coursework as statistics, calculus, financial planning, auditing, tax law, and taxation. Other classes you may be required to complete include business law, business communications, and various other business-related courses depending on the school of your choice.

Complete Your Licensing Requirements

Many tax accountants choose to make themselves more competitive in the job market by becoming certified public accountants. Becoming a CPA can not only broaden your employment opportunities as a tax accountant, but it may increase your yearly salary as well. But before you can become a CPA, you will need to earn a master degree in accounting.

In most cases, this can be done relatively quickly, because some of your prior coursework can be applied to your master degree program. Since this may vary from one school to another, it is best to make an appointment with your program adviser to create the best educational path necessary to meet your unique occupational goals.

Pass Your CPA Exam

After earning your master degree in accounting, the next step is to obtain licensing in your state as a certified public accountant. You can do this by contacting the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and applying for a seat to take your CPA exam. Passing this exam, will grant you CPA certification and allow you to apply for licensing in your state.

Tax accountants today enjoy many fantastic benefits including job stability, flexibility, top wages, and a broad range of employment possibilities. If this all sounds exciting to you and you would like to become a tax accountant, the steps described above can help you get started on the right path.

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