What Blogs are Best for Accountants to Read?

blogs for accountants

Given that there are almost 1.4 million accountants in the U.S., according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it comes as no surprise that a new accounting blog is born almost every day. After all, CPAs from around the nation enjoy connecting with each other to discuss issues, current events, ask for help, and more. With so many options, however, how exactly does someone figure out which blog they should focus on?

AICPA Insight

The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) is one of the governing bodies that handle CPA licensing, non-public audits, and more. As such, they are amongst the most prominent organization in the sector. This means that every accountant, regardless of whether they are a CPA or not, should join the blog and keep an eye on it. Topics that are posted include everything from tips for passing the CPA exam to cybersecurity tools. The entries are extremely professional and build on positive member interaction that facilitates curiosity.

Accounting Coach

Unlike the previous option, the Accounting Coach is much less formal and it mostly targets students. It is based on helping others who may have technical accounting questions. Some of the notable features include puzzles, quizzes, and various videos that allow people to improve their understanding of the profession. Accounting coach is also constantly updated to reflect any changes made to the laws. That way, the readers will be updated immediately. It is also a great venue for meeting like-minded individuals who may be at the same point of their career.

The Accounting Onion

The Accounting Onion is a platform created and maintained by a former member of the Office of the Chief Accountant for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Tom Selling. While the topics that are posted are not as frequently updated, there are many timeless questions that new members can read through. Besides the short stories and articles posted here, the Accounting Onion also sells books on taxation, leadership, business, and similar. Thus, subscribers may enjoy reading laws and things that were applicable back then.

Re: The Auditors

Just like the previous option, this one is also based on a single creator and manager. In this case, it is Francine McKenna who spent over 25 years in the public spotlight of Big 4 accounting firms. With that much experience, she decided to share some career tips and strategies for younger professionals who will pursue the field. This is also a great place for accountants to catch up on current events in the market that may not have made nationwide news. These include things like penalties that large corporations have been paying as well as undisclosed cases of corruption.

Home School CPA

Carol Topp is another creator of a robust platform that has gained a lot of fame recently. It is a website where people can read opinions provided by Mrs. Topp on things like home-schooling children. Mrs. Topp is a fully licensed CPA with decades of experience that is used to deliver tangible advice. Courtesy of her hard work, this is one of the few blogs that have been recognized for the Best Accounting Websites in 2015, Top Accounting Blogs in 2012, and the Best Accounting Blogs in 2016.


Some honorable mentions include the Fraud Files Blogs, Dental CPA, Bordeaux and Bordeaux Blogging from CPAs. Most of these, however, do not fall into the same category as the five options from above. Hence why these five alternatives are the best blogs for accountants across the nation.

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