What Careers are Available with a Bachelor’s in Finance?

careers with bachelors in finance

Individuals who enjoy working with money and are good with numbers will be excited to know there are many careers available with a Bachelor’s in Finance. Whether the individual is looking for entry-level employment in the finance and business world or is laying the groundwork for a graduate degree and managerial positions, earning the finance bachelor’s degree is a great place to start. Here are some popular careers available with a Bachelor’s in Finance.

Financial Advisor

Financial advisors are professionals who advise individuals and businesses on financial matters. Acting in the role of independent consultants, financial advisors provide advice on insurance, investments, college savings, mortgages, taxes, estate planning and retirement. The main goal of financial advisors is to help others manage their finances. Personal financial advisors may be self-employed or may work in the insurance or finance industry. Although they are considered full-time employees, they often meet with clients in the evenings and on the weekends. In most states, financial advisors must have a license to work. Financial advisors earned an average yearly salary of $90,640 as of a May 2017 report by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Investment Banker

When we think of careers that are available with a Bachelor’s in Finance, investment banking would appear to be the top choice. It’s almost the obvious choice because we think of finance and banking as one and the same. Investment bankers have various job duties, whether they’re working for a bank, a hedge fund or a corporation. A career as an investment banker can be demanding, challenging and very competitive. They are the professionals who make arrangements for acquisitions and mergers while also providing financial advising to the company. According to a July 2018 wage report by PayScale, investment bankers earned an average annual salary of $96,700.


Of the many careers available with a Bachelor’s in Finance, an accountant is not often considered because accountants usually have a bachelor’s degree in accounting. It is not at all unusual, though, for an applicant to be hired as an accountant if he or she has a Bachelor’s in Finance. Accountants work with money and numbers, and a Bachelor’s in Finance teaches all about money and finance. Accountants may work independently as freelance accountants but usually work in accounting firms or the accounting department of a business. They create and analyze the budget and financial documents, prepare taxes and ensure the company is as profitable as possible. Accountants earned an annual yearly wage of $69,350 as of May 2017.

Loan Officers

A loan officer is a professional who works in a bank or mortgage company and provides loans to customers. Loan officers may provide various types of loans, including consumer loans, auto loans, commercial loans and mortgages, or they may specialize in a specific type of loan. For instance, some loan officers work as mortgage loan officers or commercial loan officers. They speak with customers, obtain personal information and analyze documentation to determine if a client is a good risk and should be approved for the loan. A candidate with equivalent or related work experience may be hired as a loan officer, but they’re typically required to have a Bachelor’s in Finance. The average annual wage for loan officers in 2017 was $64,660, although, wages did range from $32,670 to $135,590 and more.

The growing economy and globalization have helped the employment growth for business and financial operations occupations, which are expected to see a 10 percent growth between 2016 and 2026, according to the BLS. Earning a Bachelor’s in Finance can be the start of a rewarding and lucrative career because the field of finance offers so many possibilities.

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