What Careers are in Information Management and Technology Assurance?

careers in information management and technology assurance

Careers in information management and technology assurance tend to be highly specialized and technical. Students who study information management and technology assurance will be able to obtain a stable corporate career in advanced IT.

What is Information Management and Technology Assurance?

According to the American Institute of CPAs, information management and technology assurance helps accounting professionals utilize technology to achieve the highest levels of accurate, quality financial information. This includes fundamental IT concepts, such as data analytics, in-depth reporting, internal controls, information assurance and process improvements. Information management and technology assurance will assist accounting professionals properly identify, evaluate and manage IT risks. For example, it will help them assess risks that may result in data errors or information misstatements. Information assurance and process improvements encompass every aspect of advanced security and privacy protocols and standards.

Information Assurance Analyst

Information assurance analysts use their information security expertise to support and drive the company’s information assurance program. Their key responsibilities include defining and implementing security policies and procedures that are based on industry standard best practices and compliance requirements. They regularly participate in information security projects that are designed to reach the company’s security objectives. Therefore, they must have excellent project management skills related to task delegation, planning and management. They must also be able to oversee research assessments, product testing and results implementation.

On the other hand, they will be expected to provide security advice to systems engineers, technicians and management. As a result, they must be a strong team player that will stand out in a fast-paced, dynamic environment. This will require excellent collaboration and interpersonal skills. Information assurance analysts must regularly conduct internal security audits, quality checks and risk analysis reviews. They also assist in promoting security awareness through printed materials, training sessions and interactive presentations. Sometimes, they will track data security issues and trends in order to prevent risks and improve remediation. Careers in information management and technology assurance also include senior, managerial positions.

Data Assurance Analyst

A data assurance analyst is an excellent senior-level position for experienced professionals. They generally report to an executive, such as a Chief Information Officer. They are accountable for the overall accuracy and reliability of financial data, reports, calculations and documentation. Part of their responsibilities includes participation in localized and system wide quality assurance testing. They must interact and collaborate with various financial and technology professionals across different departments. For example, they must work with senior technical staff and the accounting management team to develop and maintain actionable strategies that safeguard the technical accuracy and integrity of all financial data and systems.

Conversely, they must oversee complex technical documentation regarding financial reports, data definitions and logic calculations. Additionally, they must oversee the technical approval process, which will require collaborating with specialists and senior management. Together with the training team, they will create curriculum and learning materials that will be used to educate a variety of employees, such as engineers, technicians and business analysts. Experienced data assurance analysts will have hands-on experience in key areas, such as software engineering, architecture and quality assurance. They will also have extensive experience regarding finance and accounting information systems.


Overall, information management and technology assurance is essential for financial and accounting systems and departments. There are advanced careers in information management and technology assurance available for professionals who have excellent IT and financial experience.

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