What Companies Hire Accountants?

what companies hire accountants

If you are studying to become an accountant, you may be interested in getting answers to the question “What companies hire accountants?”. The field of accountancy is a broad one, and every business in virtually every industry throughout the globe has a need for accounting professionals who keep the books and who analyze financial data. While many companies have a need for accounting services, many companies outsource this business task by hiring a firm who directly employs their own experienced professionals. This saves smaller and some mid-sized companies money because they do not have to pay benefits or payroll taxes. If you want to work directly for a respected company, here are some companies you should apply with when you are ready to start your career.

The Advantages of Applying With Major Accounting Firms

Employment in accounting and auditing is predicted to grow by 22 percent in the upcoming years, and many of these new positions are with major accounting firms. One of the main reasons large accounting firms are planning to hire as many as 17,000 workers in the United States is there is an increased demand for accounting services. More and more companies who are trying to cut their costs are opting to hire an accounting firm rather than a team of their own accountants.

Firms see accounting graduates as hot commodities because these entry-level professionals have degrees and will become valuable assets as the demand becomes greater than the supply. To attract the top graduates from the leading schools in the field of accounting, many of the major firms are offering new hires incentives to lure them in and high salaries. It is important to research which firms are growing and how much market share they hold when you are deciding where to apply.

Working As an In-House Accountant in Sectors That Are Growing Fast

Not everyone wants to take on the stress that comes with working for a major accounting firm. If you would prefer to be an in-house employee, you will need to look for companies in specific sectors that do not tend to contract their accounting work out to firms or independent contractors. While firms have a greater demand for new hires, the demand for in-house accountants is growing as the economy continues to recover.

With more and more financial regulations being passed by the government, many companies find that they have a need for their employees working for them full-time to comply with the laws. It is ideal to look for companies in growing sectors of the industry that are posting job listings for accounting professionals. Some of the sectors to look in include: health care, financial services, consumer goods and engineering. You may also want to look at working for a company that processes individual tax returns.

The competition for top accounting candidates is fierce, but you have to consider the competition among employers as well. If you graduate at the top of your class, chances are you will have firms pitching jobs to you. If you are a skilled accountant, your job outlook is good and you can apply to jobs with reputable firms or stable employers and secure a position. Now that you know that many companies hire accountants, you can decide which type of position is right for you.

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