What is a Corporate Entertainment Accountant?

corporate entertainment accountant

What is a corporate entertainment accountant? It certainly sounds like a fancy job title, and it tends to sit as one of the more lucrative titles attached to the accounting field. If you want to understand what the job entails, though, it might also be a good idea to understand how to get the job. After all, the entertainment industry is always growing and entertainers always need people to handle the money. The first step towards understanding is breaking down the job into its basic components.

The Basics

It’s quite easy to understand the basics of what a corporate entertainment accountant does by breaking down the job title. The most important portion, of course, is the fact that he or she is an accountant. Building from there, it’s quite easy to see that he or she is not only an accountant who primarily works in the entertainment industry, but also one who works for a corporation. In most cases, these corporations are firms that work directly with the movie studios themselves. In other cases, an accountant might work directly for the studio.

What are the Requirements?

According to Investopedia, the most important goal that would-be corporate entertainment accounts should strive for is to gain strong accountancy skills. This means attending an accredited school and getting a degree and passing the requisite licensing exams. The basic requirements are the same as any other accounting job, with one caveat, entertainment accountants tend to need to deal with high-stress clients on a regular basis. Those who cannot deal with stress are urged not to apply, as the career will typically not be suitable for their needs.

Who is a Corporate Entertainment Accountant?

Becoming an entertainment accountant is actually more difficult than the educational requirements would suggest. Since there is a perceived glamour to working within the entertainment industry, many corporate accountant positions in the field are highly contested. It takes not only a great deal of experience and drive to secure one of these positions, but it also takes quite a bit of networking. Once the job is secured, it can be surprisingly similar to most other accounting jobs; however, the only difference,  will be the clientele.

Is This Job for You?

If you want to be a corporate entertainment accountant, you have to be realistic about your goals. Your first, and most important, step will be in your education. Simply put, you can’t be an accountant without the right degree. Once you get past that obstacle, you’ll need to start looking at networking and how to become competitive in an increasingly hostile industry. While there’s no guarantee you’ll make it, those with the most drive and the best skills are often rewarded with fantastic careers. Think of the entertainment accounting industry as analogous to any other part of show biz and remember that achieving success means working hard for your first big break.

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