What Jobs are Available with an MBA in Accounting?

MBA in accountingThere are many well-paid, prominent jobs available with an MBA in Accounting. These exclusive positions require the in-depth knowledge, technical expertise and business acumen that comes with an MBA degree. Read more to learn which distinctive jobs are available with an MBA in accounting.

MBA Accounting Programs

MBA accounting programs provides students with sound accounting management skills and knowledge. The goal of these programs is to endow students with the managerial competencies to succeed in the fields of accounting and finance. These programs prepare the students to systematically solve problems, assess financial actions and make better financial decisions. Students with an MBA in Accounting degree will know how to properly manage personnel, resources and business relationships.

Typical MBA Accounting Program Courses

Students will study every aspect of the financial world, such as microeconomics and macroeconomics. Applied financial research courses will prepare the student to use statistics and probability models to financial decisions. As part of this, quantitative reasons courses help students learn how to cognitively process and examine data through industry standard analytical tools and techniques. Students will also be trained on how accounting systems are designed and how to create internal control practices. Financial reporting courses train students how to maintain the highest standards with auditing and taxation. Finally, students will learn about contemporary forensic accounting, which enables students to investigate financial abuse and fraud.

Senior Auditor

These financial professionals use the modern principles of forensic accounting to prevent financial fraud, abuse and mismanagement. Internal auditors work for private companies to identify problem areas, eliminate waste and prevent financial dishonestly. Other auditors are private consultants that work with major corporations. Government auditors work for federal organizations, such as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Finally, IT auditors work with management and the IT department to ensure that the company’s software and computer systems access the most accurate and reliable financial information.

Financial Analysts

One of the most popular jobs available with an MBA in Accounting is a financial analyst. These financial professionals assist clients and businesses with making proper investment decisions. They continually evaluate business trends, the state of the economy and historical and current financial data in order to provide the best investment advice. They work in a mixture of locations, such as private companies, securities firms and even insurance companies. However, an MBA in Accounting will allow the student to pursue specialization within the field of financial analysts. For instance, fund managers work primarily with hedge or mutual funds. Ratings analysts assess the capacity for companies to pay off their debts. Finally, portfolio managers supervise a team of financial analysts.

Chief Financial Officer

A chief financial officer (CFO) is responsible and accountable for the financial and administrative operations of the business. They have significant planning, operations and risk management responsibilities. They assist with developing and altering the company’s strategic tax, financial, and operational strategies. They oversee capital requests, monitor the budget and supervise dent and equity financing. They use performance measures to rate the company’s goals and accomplishments. They are key members of the executive management team and work with many departments, such as HR, legal and accounting. They must continually assess risks, mitigate legal issues and ensure compliance with all state and federal regulations.


Overall, an MBA specializing in accounting will enable the student to work at very high level jobs within the public and private sectors. Senior auditor, financial analyst and chief financial officer are three excellent career options. Keep in mind that the jobs available with an MBA in Accounting are limitless.

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