Which Podcasts Are Beneficial for Finance Students?

podcasts for finance students

Podcasts for Finance Students

Finance students focus on economics through coursework and study. Though the basics are provided to students through their lectures and assignments, real-world, real-time economics topics are widely discussed on finance podcasts brought to you from locations around the globe. If you’re studying business, accounting, economics, or any finance-related track, these seven finance podcasts are excellent choices for broadening your knowledge.

Planet Money

Since 2008, NPR’s Planet Money has been offering up entertaining and creative content that allows listeners of all backgrounds to learn more about the economy. Launched in the midst of a massive financial crisis, this podcast has gone on to earn a Peabody award, Edward R. Murrow Award and other awards with in-depth economic journalism. Planet Money and its sister-show The Indicator are hosted by Jacob Goldstein, Ailsa Chang, Cardiff Garcia, Noel King, Kenny Malone, Robert Smith, and Stacey Vanek Smith. Listen to Planet Money from NPR here.

Business, Life, and Coffee

Business, Life & Coffee offers weekly podcasts featuring entrepreneurs and other leaders in business from the areas of: management, marketing, finance, health, HR, and more. Shows provide an insightful, educated look into building brands, following career paths, and how to improve business. This is a must-listen broadcast for any business student and budding entrepreneur. Listen to Business, Life & Coffee here.


You’re probably familiar with the Freakonomics and Superfreakonomics brand. These books have become cult classics in the MBA world; but did you know they offer regular podcasts with the same wit and intellect you know and love from their publications? Sit down with finance-buffs from all walks of life with these humorous, insightful podcasts. Listen to Freakonomics Radio Podcasts here.

Bloomberg Benchmark

With weekly episodes that take a close look into the inner workings of the economy on a global scale, Bloomberg brings its reputed and renowned detail and quality news experience to the world of podcasts. Learn about various economic ideologies, constructs, and policy from one of the leading names in business. Listen to Bloomberg Benchmark here.

Economic Update

Want to hear more about how financial topics affect individuals rather than businesses? Tune in to Richard D. Wolff’s Economic Update to hear about the national economy and how it influences communities and the people who reside within them. Airing since 2011, Economic Update covers topics ranging from: interest rates, wages, the job market, taxes, debt, and much more. Listen to Economic Update here.

A Dictionary of Finance

Hosted by employees (but not bankers) of the EU Bank, Allar and Matt, this podcast offers a fun, lighthearted view of the financial/economics world from the perspective of two average Joe’s trying to understand their higher-ups’ intellectual language. Learn with and from others in your field regarding the concepts and terminology used in business and economics. Listen to podcasts from Allar and Matt here.

WSJ Your Money Briefing

From personal finances to financial markets around the globe, Your Money Matters/ Your Money Briefing covers it all in a daily series of podcasts from leading national and global economics experts and journalists. Hear about the latest in investments, taxes, business, saving for retirement and much more, in simple terms any student can understand whether first year undergrad or PhD candidate! Listen to Your Money Briefing from the Wall Street Journal here.

Concluding Thoughts

These finance focused podcasts provide students, and all listeners, information to make informed financial decisions in both their professional and personal lives. Subscribe to these finance podcasts and then sit back and tune in as your knowledge and understanding of financial topics expands.

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