Kinds of Accounting Certification

When you are on the road to becoming an accountant, it is a good idea to pick up as many certifications as you can. When you can sell yourself as a Certified Public Accountant or a Certified Fraud Examiner, you will find that corporations are more willing to hire you. These sorts of individuals are highly desired by corporations, because they have put in the time to pass the rigorous exams required for obtaining these certifications. It is a good idea to choose a particular certification that interests you. Here are some of the different types of certifications that you can obtain if you decide to pursue an accounting career.

Certified Public Accountant

This is the most popular type of certification that accountants seek to have by their names. If you are able to pass the exam to become a CPA, then you are able to audit a corporation or small business. Corporations frequently prefer to hire accountants who can also do their audits. It is not uncommon for major finance firms to require that accountants have this certification.

Certified Fraud Examiner

When you are a certified fraud examiner, you play an important role in keeping corporations honest. You need to report any unethical behavior that you discover to the government. Frequently, corporations now have to hire CFEs who will work for them. These individuals are not biased, and they may not simply seek to uphold the interests of their employers. If they do notice fraud in transactions, they have a fiduciary duty to report this fraud to the government. Ever since financial scandals became hot topics in the news, these types of individuals are now in high demand in the finance industry.

Certified Financial Manager

If you want to manage the finances of wealthy people, then you will probably try to obtain this certification. When you have this certification, you have the knowledge that is required for picking out the right stocks for the portfolios of clients. You will be able to choose stocks based on the risk level of your clients. If your client has a very conservative approach to investing, then you will know how to pick out the right blue-chip stocks that appeal to your client.

Certified Internal Auditor

A Certified Internal Auditor will is one who will perform internal audits for a company. He or she may also have to perform external audits for other companies. The job of the auditor is to ensure that a corporation has reported all of its financial information in the right manner. The auditor also has to make sure that the corporation has fully disclosed all of its financial information.

Certified Management Accountant

This type of accountant does intricate financial research for companies. He or she may draft a very detailed report that forecasts the financial future of a company. In this difficult economy, there is a much greater demand for certified management accountants who can assess the financial health of companies.