5 Accounting Careers with an Associate of Science in Accounting Degree

accounting careers with associate degree

Many people assume, as they do with many technical fields, that an associate level degree in accounting is insufficient to lead to a successful career. However, an Associate of Science in Accounting still reflects a certain degree of interest, aptitude, and training in accounting, and it can open the door to a wide range of career possibilities. Many such jobs pay well above the average middle-class income right away, and all of them offer potential for advancement with training or experience.

Here are five of the best options available for a career in accounting, based on an Associate of Science degree in the field.

Bookkeeping Clerk

The practice of bookkeeping refers to keeping track of financial accounts. This kind of job may be found at large corporations, government organizations, and academic and financial institutions, which often pay their dedicated bookkeeping staff extremely well. If you’re struggling to find opportunity, however, you can start in an accounting firm offering client-based services to smaller businesses, or go into business for yourself in the same capacity.

Accounts Receivable Clerk

If you’re working in accounts receivable, your job is to make sure that your client (or direct employer) receives payment for their goods and services, and to record said transactions reliably. It sounds simple, until you stop and think about the thousands of transactions coming in and out of a given company’s accounts every day. Often, larger corporations will find themselves having to shift money between accounts, in order to cover specific expenses; this also falls under the purview of accounts receivable.

Accounting Assistant

This is a catch-all term for an assistant who serves in a variety of capacities throughout the overall accounting profession. An accounting assistant helps to ensure that the goals of a variety of different specialties are met, including payroll, accounts, bookkeeping, and general accounting. This allows the assistant to pick up a wide range of knowledge and training during the course of their paid duties, which can easily lead to promotions and more specialized function down the road. It’s an excellent position for somebody looking to get their start in the industry, and can lead to rapid career advancement.

Payroll Clerk

Working in payroll, you will be responsible for keeping track of employee payroll information, and for making sure that said information is kept secure, updated promptly, and passed on to those who have legitimate need for it. A payroll clerk also keeps track of employee hours, including monitoring overtime, sick pay, and benefits accrued. Depending upon the size of the company for whom the clerk works, and the way in which employees are paid, they may be responsible for distributing paychecks directly, and for handling complaints about discrepancies. Working in payroll doesn’t tend to advance well internally, but it can lead to a more rewarding career in human resources, bookkeeping, or general accounting.

Auditing Clerk

An auditing clerk with an Associate of Science in Accounting can expect to earn a decent income right from the start. They ensure that forms related to accounts payable and receivable are filled out properly, they double-check discrepancies, and they ensure that credit and debit transactions are processed appropriately. An auditing clerk accumulates a considerable amount of experience with how other aspects of the accounting profession are managed. The specialty offers a certain upward mobility, but is likewise supportive of someone wishing to eventually work their way into another specialization or to start their own practice.

A Degree That Opens Doors: Associate of Science in Accounting

As you can tell by these five careers, an Associate of Science in Accounting degree opens a lot of doors for the interested and capable candidate. With this degree, you will find yourself highly eligible for careers that pay well, offer upward mobility, and provide for employment opportunities with a wide variety of companies in every industry. They are also highly supportive of the goal of starting one’s own accounting business, after a little bit of experience has been accrued.

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