5 Accounting Jobs in the Gaming and Casinos Industry

accounting jobs in casino and gaming

Gaming and Casinos Industry Accounting

  • Staff Accountant
  • Accounting Manager
  • Procurement Specialist
  • Accounting Analyst
  • Controller

Many people enjoy gaming and gambling as hobbies and forms of entertainment. Some even enjoy them as fields of study and profession. Even those individuals, however, are not interested in gambling with their career paths. These five accounting jobs in the gaming and casino industry provide directions to make informed career decisions.

Staff Accountant

One avenue to accounting within the gaming and casinos industry is to work in general accounting for a gaming company or casino. One would typically start as an intern, then progress to junior accountant, eventually become a staff accountant, and possibly ultimately arrive at the level of senior accountant. Duties include gathering weekly accounting information, developing and implementing plans to improve revenue and get a pulse for the clientele, or in other words, the financial input and output experienced by gamers and gamblers. To get an idea of whether or not this is a suitable career path, The Muse explains one woman’s story of accounting in the casino industry.

Accounting Manager

Those who are interested in accounting but prefer to work with people would enjoy careers as accounting managers. Accounting managers oversee the work of staff accountants. They help with hiring, task delegation, and strategy formation. They serve as coaches and mentors to the accounting staff and oversee annual performance reviews. They must possess a strong knowledge base of both accounting and gaming in order to inform the work of accountants in this industry, but the bulk of their daily practice lies in human relations and business strategy.

Procurement Specialist

Procurement specialists, on the other hand, work primarily in data and statistics. This is a great role for those who gravitate equally towards numbers and the gaming and casino industries. Their duties include creating and purchasing orders based on the information provided by the accounting staff. They manage all company or institution invoicing, so they are responsible for helping the accounting staff understand whether or not their proposed projects are financially feasible. If this sounds like a desirable career path, explore the overview offered by ProcurementSpecialist.Org, which also includes a guide to academic programs across the United States.

Accounting Analyst

The budgets and invoice reports produced by procurement specialists, the project plans and results collected by staff accountants, and the personal data gathered by the accounting managers all have one thing in common. They need to be analyzed by people who know both the industry and the ins and outs of statistics. Those who fit this description will enjoy careers as accounting analysts. The results of their work greatly influence the way each individual company or casino runs, and it also influences the way people view them and participate in gaming and casinos in society.


Those who enjoy writing and enforcing rules, regulations, and policies are well suited for the professional life of a controller. Controllers oversee all of the work done by the rest of the accounting professionals. They know and participated in writing and updating, the rules, regulations, and policies of the specific institution or company, as well as the large gaming and casino industries. They measure performance in terms of compliance and are responsible for restoring compliance where it is lacking.

Concluding Thoughts

People of every skill set will find a fulfilling career in these five accounting jobs. The casino and gaming industries need to fill accounting roles that require people lovers, number crunchers, strategists, and masters of control. Gaming and gambling are current leaders in recreation and entertainment, so now is a great time to set out on one of these career paths.

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