5 Benefits to Working at the IRS

5 Benefits to Working at the IRSBenefits of Working at the IRS

  • Great Benefit Package
  • Various Locations
  • Excellent Training Programs
  • Wide Selection of Job Opportunities
  • Competitive Wages

Working for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) offers individuals many benefits and advantages. Despite being an organization feared by many, the IRS is also a place where many aspire to work. When looking for work, whether part-time or full-time, good wages and benefit packages are always on the top of the list of what’s important. Working for the IRS provides both of these to its employees. Additionally, IRS jobs are available not just as full- or part-time but also as seasonal work. Here are 5 advantages to working for the IRS.

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Great Benefit Package

Most people have heard that some of the best jobs in the country are those that involve working for the federal government, and their excellent benefit package is usually a big reason for this. When an individual is working for the IRS, the employee and his or her family are entitled to the IRS’s comprehensive benefit package that includes life and health insurance, paid time off, flexible spending accounts, loan forgiveness and so much more. Other highlights of the benefit package include:

  • Health insurance, including vision and dental
  • Continuing education
  • Federal retirement account
  • Long-term care insurance
  • Thrift savings plan
  • Childcare
  • Flexible work life programs


Another advantage of working for the IRS, which just happens to be the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s largest bureau, is that there are literally hundreds of offices all across the United States. With so many locations, it’s very likely that a potential employee wouldn’t have to travel far to work for the IRS. If an IRS employee wants to relocate, he or she can easily transfer and not have to worry about giving up a good job.

Excellent Training Programs

When the IRS hires an individual, they provide the employee with excellent in-house training so he or she becomes very familiar with how the organization runs and what is expected. Even an individual fresh out of high school with no training can quickly become a well-informed employee. There are also training programs for employees who wish to advance in the company and take on new or different responsibilities. They offer both hands-on training programs and intense classroom courses.

Wide Selection of Job Opportunities

The IRS offers a wide variety of job opportunities for not just college graduates but also for those with just a high school diploma. Whether an individual’s interests lie in accounting, finance, tax compliance or administrative support services, chances are excellent that there is a job posting that fits the bill. The IRS also has a division where qualified individuals can help uncover financial crimes. Although most people think of the IRS has being busy during the tax season, January through May, they’re actually busy and in need of workers year-round. On almost any given day, a person may find some sort of position open. All they need to do is go to the IRS website.

Competitive Wages

The federal government has always been known for its excellent and competitive wages, and the IRS is definitely no exception. Employees of the IRS, including seasonal employees, are paid by the General Schedule (GS) pay scale. The GS pay scale starts at GS-1 and goes through GS-15 with each scale offering several steps in which the employee can earn raises based on seniority and/or performance. Even GS-1, which is the lowest scale, offers yearly wages of $19,048 to $23827 and hourly wages of $9.13 to $11.42. Those at the GS-15 level can earn from $106,595 to $138,572 annually or $51.08 to $66.40 per hour. Although these potential wages are fairly universal, FederalPay.org indicates that they are also adjusted according to location.

Concluding Thoughts

With so many jobs available through the IRS, it’s no wonder it’s such a popular place. It’s also a great place for senior workers because they do not have a mandatory retirement age. The ability to enjoy retirement while bringing in some extra cash is just one of the many benefits to working for the Internal Revenue Service.

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