5 Careers for Graduates with an MBA in Accounting

careers with mba in accounting

One of the biggest advantages for a student who graduates with an MBA in Accounting is that they have flexibility in the type of career they want. They can choose a traditional career for someone with an MBA in Accounting, which is a job as an accountant, or they can choose a less traditional career path.

Management Analyst

As a management analyst, you’ll often work as a consultant to a variety of businesses. This type of career offers incredible advantages in pay as well as the ability to work anywhere in the world. A student graduating with an MBA in Accounting is in demand as a consultant, so they might often travel for their business. A corporation will call a management analyst or consultant to assess their business for ways to become more efficient and profitable. Demand for analysts will continue to grow in the coming years.

Financial Managers

Another career for graduates with an MBA in Accounting is financial manager to major corporations, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. They will often develop financial goals for the company. They oversee and direct the financial development of the business as well as assessing its current financial well-being. They generate and analyze financial reports. Financial managers can work in a variety of industries from healthcare to banks or insurance companies. Those who graduate with an MBA will see the best chance of obtaining a financial manager position within a major corporation.

Personal Financial Advisors

A person who graduates with an MBA in Accounting can work with the public. While some will opt for the world of big business and finance, others may want to instruct and educate people about their own finances as well as how to invest their money, plan for their retirement or save for their child’s college. Many personal financial advisors are self-employed and enjoy the benefit of setting their own hours and pay.

Chief Financial Officer

The CFO of a major corporation is responsible for managing all the finances of the company. This person will assess the state of the finances within the company frequently to be sure they are making sound financial decisions. The CFO will drive the company in a direction that results in growth and the realization of its financial goals. The chief financial officer works closely with the CEO of the company to manage the company’s budget and forecast the needs of the business.

Business Development Manager

A student graduating with an accounting MBA can work as a business development manager with major corporations. This person will propose business deals by discovering ideas and opportunities that will help develop the company’s business in the future. This career allows the person to create a more sound business that will continue to grow and expand. They must be motivated to find new deals constantly and integrate those deals into the current operations, which involves sales and management skills.

Concluding Thoughts

A student graduating with an MBA in Accounting can have a career focused on the financial aspects of a business at the highest level in the company, or they can operate as a business owner themselves as a financial consultant to companies or the public. There’s a lot of flexibility in the education path of accounting.

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