5 Finance Blogs You Don’t Want To Miss

Top Five Finance Blogs: Money, Debt, and Financial Freedom

  • Business Insider
  • The Simple Dollar
  • The Consumerist
  • Dads Dollars Debts
  • Zero Hedge

Relying on top finance blogs is usually the first step towards a successful financial planning career. It allows someone who may lack the necessary experience and knowledge to get informed by reading posts made by seasoned experts. Consequently, the likelihood of errors is very low and reaching one’s financial goals becomes easier.

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1. Business Insider

For individuals looking for an up-to-date, news-like blog that teaches everything there is to know about finance, “Business Insider” is a great choice. It is based in New York and posts multiple entries daily. The readers can use it to get informed on anything from the recent political changes that affect the investing and financial markets to more complex topics pertaining to the time value of money. Additionally, common tips for improving one’s financial situation and overcoming debt are frequently showcased via interactive posts.

2. The Simple Dollar

Although the primary objective of this website does not revolve around blogging, they do feature a section where useful posts are frequently created. For instance, those who are not interested in applying for credit cards, loans, or getting insurance can simply read tips on saving money, starting a business, and more. What distinguishes this website from most other finance blogs is the in-depth approach to each entry. For instance, many posts contain as many as 100 useful ways for one to accomplish something. Meaning, the writers display a 100 ways to make or save money.

3. The Consumerist

Similar to the previous two blogs, this one does not necessarily specialize in finance. It does, however, come with a rich section that is written by financial gurus who have decades of experience. Although it is no longer being updated, the plethora of quality archived posts reflect on anything from credit cards, insurance, travel, debt repayment, bank comparisons, and more. Additionally, all posts are further simplified and allow for effortless reading that is not interrupted by overzealous terms and ideas. Not to mention that all of the topics are derived from current events as the entire website relies on modern topics.

4. Dads Dollars Debts

People who are motivated by witnessing success should definitely turn to “Dads Dollars Debts”. It is an individually owned blog where the writer’s personal success stories are utilized to instill timeless concepts into the readers’ minds. The website is organized in long lists that are broken down by years and even months. Thus, the reader can easily find something dating back to the first week of November of 2016, per se. For most other platforms, such a straightforward approach is not generally in practice. Also, this blog helps people achieve success in many other aspects of life outside of finance.

5. Zero Hedge

Out of the previous three alternatives, “Zero Hedge” is the one that reminds of “The Business Insider” the most. It is formatted as a news outlet where current events are thoroughly dissected and showcased to people who care about the financial implications of modern events. The writing is handled by numerous authors who all partake in a role of maintaining this high-profile venture. So, one can expect to be introduced to multiple writing styles that are covering a wide range of ideas. Also, those interested can be added to a newsletter that is sent on a weekly basis.

Other popular outlets include the Financial Mentor, Penny Hoarder, Dough Roller, NerdWallet, and many more. Regardless, however, getting familiar with the previously mentioned top five financial blogs will allow one to significantly polish their financial planning and money-handling skills.