5 Great Accounting Conferences in 2018

Five Innovative Conferences for Accountants in 2018

  • Accountex USA
  • AICPA Engage
  • Scaling New Heights
  • Women Who Count Conference
  • ACE 2018

Accounting is continually evolving with advances in technology, policy and regulation changes, and changing trends in world financial markets, so attending annual accounting conferences are an important way professionals can stay up to date. Some of these events are very specialized, focusing on a particular type of accounting or certain technology, wheres others cover a variety of topics. Also, since accountants from all over the country come together, these are great opportunities for professionals to network and establish themselves as influencers in their specialty. Some important conferences in 2018 include the following.

1. Accountex

This conference occurs on August 22nd and 23rd in Boston, Massachusetts, and offers participants the opportunity to listen to at least 15 different presentations featuring CEOs, company founders, communication experts, and other leaders in accounting. With an emphasis on practical applications of new technology, there is a concurrent expo where over 100 different vendors display their relevant products.

2. AICPA Engage

Organized by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, this is one of the largest accounting conferences in 2018. Held in Las Vegas, Nevada, professionals from every branch of accounting gather for four days in early June. This event focuses on education by providing attendees with as much new information as they can process. There are seven topic areas and over 250 speakers and demonstrations. The organizers also encourage peer interaction, offering a variety of meetups for people with similar interests or experiences.

3. Scaling New Heights

The topic for the Scaling New Heights 2018 accounting convention is ‘Taming the Machines,” and speakers will be primarily addressing the increasing ability of technology and automation to perform accounting tasks. Each presenter will describe how accounting professionals can stay relevant by either using this technology to increase their productivity and grow their accounting practice or by specializing in higher-level tasks that machines cannot do. This event will be held in Atlanta, Georgia, from June 17-20, 2018.

4. Women Who Count Conference

This conference is geared toward career development and leadership training for women in accounting. As Forbes reports, many women hold professional accounting positions and become certified public accountants, but there is still a gender disparity in management and leadership roles. Many firms are actively working to rectify this, though. The Women Who Count Conference helps with this process by providing opportunities for networking during the event in Kansas City from October 28-30, 2018.

5. ACE 2018

Hosted by the Institute of Management Accountants in June in Indianapolis, Indiana, this is another one of the popular accounting conferences in 2018. Featuring motivational speakers who at the top of their fields, participants can choose from nine different lecture tracks. These include ethics, small business accounting, forecasting, and risk management. Individualized career counseling and professional development sessions are also available.

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One of the other benefits of attending these events is that professionals can earn CPE, or continuing professional education, credits which are required by employers and accounting licensing boards. The above list represents just a handful of the many useful conferences for accountants in 2018.

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