5 Great Books for Auditors

Reading books is always one of the best ways to learn new information about a subject. If you’re considering getting a degree to become an auditor, these five books can help you understand more about the field. The more you know, the farther you can advance in your career.

1. Auditing for Dummies

When you want to learn all the basics in an easy to understand way, this is the best book. While you go over most of the aspects of auditing, you stick to the basics. This book, by Maire Loughran, is a great way to get more information about the field when deciding on a degree.

This guide teaches you some of the basic tasks in auditing, such as gathering finance statements, gathering accounting data and analyzing a client’s financial position. You can even read through dozens of included examples. This book claims that it can help anyone studying for an auditing course, which is perfect for those considering a degree.

2. Report Writing for Internal Auditors

This book, by Angela J. Maniak, is considered a crucial read if you are interesting in internal auditing. This book was created as a tool specifically designed for internal auditors in banks, no matter the size.

You will learn how to structure reports, choose proper tone, decide on style, adapt reports and more. If you’re considering an auditing degree, this book will show the key elements to internal auditing. If you’ve already established your internal auditing career, this book has been considered a useful reference.

3. Healthcare Fraud

This is a self-proclaimed auditing and detection guide by Rebecca S. Busch. This book teaches you all about what healthcare fraud is and how it works. It even goes over the long-term effects of healthcare fraud. The book also includes tips and techniques to spot “red flags” which link to fraudulent activities. Busch claims that millions of dollars can be lost per hour due to healthcare waste, fraud and abuse.

If you’re considering a degree in auditing, this book can show you just how important the role of an auditor is. You can even learn the basics before starting your classes! If you already have your degree, this book will teach you more about the ever-growing industry of auditors, fraud investigators and healthcare managers.

4. The Internal Auditing Handbook

This book is an invaluable resource when it comes to the internal auditing industry. This book goes over ever aspect of the auditing business that you will need to know for a successful career. Chapters are marked with advice and tips for becoming a better auditor. There are even multi-choice questions after each chapter designed to help check understanding and help you learn easier.

If you’re a student considering a degree, this book will give you a broad overview of everything that you will learn while in school. Even after school this book can help you brush up on your knowledge and help you learn more.

5. Auditing Cases

This is a book that teaches you through real-life situations. This book teach you every you need to know about auditing in a fun and interactive way. The cases revolve around real companies, some of which you’ve probably heard. If you’re considering a degree in auditing, this book will give you a great idea of what a career would look like. Many teachers even use this book in their auditing courses.

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If you want to enhance your career in auditing, these are the best books to read. If you’re considering that auditing degree, these books will help you decide if it is the right career path.