5 Great Entry-Level Finance Jobs

5 Easy Jobs in Entry-Level Finance

  • Finance Analyst
  • Finance Program Associate
  • Project Manager
  • Public Finance Consultant
  • Banking Associate

In today’s vast business and financial sectors, for those interested in getting a fresh start, there are plenty of great entry-level finance jobs with which to do just that. Whether inside banks, manufacturing firms, or even government agencies, the opportunities in this area are plenty. The following five entry-level finance jobs shine some light on this wide arena of opportunity.

1. Finance Analyst

A financial analyst is someone who manages and makes decisions on certain financial matters while also taking charge in the analysis of many factors involving those very same financial matters. Matters of multi-currency cash flow, retirement savings, investments, and a variety of others are all monitored and acted on by this analyst. In addition, this a common, promising, and growing position, often attainable with entry-level credentials.

2. Finance Program Associate

Finance programs are any sort of long or short-term programs or initiatives involving matters of finance. These programs may be strictly internal, dealing with an organization’s own internal financial matters, or they may be external in nature, or even a combination of both. As an associate working with a finance program, one can expect to be involved in some sort of central mission, activities designed to complete that mission, and typically, dealings with a multitude of other people. The networking possibilities presented here can also be quite rewarding.

3. Project Manager

Many people hear the term project manager and assume this is always reference to some upper-echelon, high-experience role. In many cases, however, even entry-level workers can obtain these positions. A project may involve nearly anything and be of any scale. According to the Project Management Institute, a project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service or result. Subsequent to such a possible range of needs and means, those with years of experience, on down to those just starting into the financial sector can have a place at the table.

4. Public Finance Consultant

Today’s public finance consultant is the professional who helps various clients to formulate and carry through with any of their desired plans involving finances. This is also a great entry-level finance job that can potentially lead to some fantastic future contacts. While entry-level candidates are often welcomed into these consultancy roles, they are often required to first have an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in a relevant field of study. Clarity of these requirements before application is important.

5. Banking Associate

The banking sector specifically is a fantastic place to start into finances all unto its own. It is also a sector that regularly employs a great number of various entry-level finance workers. Banking customer care centers need plenty of new and bright minds to handle account and customer concerns by phone and other media. Branch locations offer a wide range of services to customers in-person. There are also plenty of completely behind-the-scenes banking jobs for those who prefer diligence without the forefront attention.

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Finance work will be around for a long time to come and with great abundance as well. For those seeking experience-based and even entry-level roles here, the opportunities are many. These five examples are just a small sample of the many, great entry-level finance jobs out there today.