5 Great Places to Work for a Logistician

5 In-Demand Logistician Job Locations

  • Doctors Without Borders
  • Total Quality Logistics
  • Military
  • Local and State Government
  • UPS or FedEx

The best places to work for a logistician will change from year to year. Companies might offer new benefits. Existing companies might go under. In general, great workplaces offer a competitive salary, strong benefits and a sense of purpose. Here are five options for logisticians looking for work.

1. Doctors Without Borders (MSF)

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), is one of the most well-known humanitarian groups in the world. They recruit brave doctors and nurses to run medical facilities in dangerous areas. Logisticians are key to their success. Someone needs to coordinate the shipment of thousands of different medical supplies while balancing millions of details. Can the remote camp hospital provide refrigeration for vaccines? Will the roads be open next week? How can supplies be rerouted in case of a flash food? This is an exciting, rewarding career for logistics experts.

2. Total Quality Logistics (TQL)

This freight brokerage firm is one of the top three best places to work, according to CNBC. Employees love the fair salaries, challenging work and generous benefits. TQL offers generous paid time off, discounted gym memberships and a comprehensive employee wellness program. TQL arranges more than 500,000 freight trucking loads per year, meaning logisticians will have plenty of work to do. Most employees earn a base salary plus commission, so the earnings for logisticians at this company can be very high.

3. Military

It’s not for everyone, but joining the armed forces is one of the fastest ways to grow a logistics career. Every branch of the service is constantly sending people and supplies across the world. Someone has to keep deliveries organized. The military offers paid training, extremely generous healthcare and retirement benefits and the chance to travel. With a bachelor’s degree, applicants can join as commissioned officers rather than enlisted personnel. That means better pay and more career choices.

4. Local and State Government

Government offices of all sizes need logistics managers. Working for a small office lets supply chain experts coordinate for emergency health services and office supplies alike. Bigger agencies allow specialization. Why is working for a county or state government a great job for logisticians? These roles offer a consistent schedule, great benefits and meaningful work in specific organizations. They’re perfect for graduates who don’t want to relocate to major cities to advance their careers.

5. UPS or FedEx

Sure, they aren’t glamorous, but private postal companies offer a strong career ladder. Employees can start as a part-time package handler and use tuition assistance programs to earn a bachelor’s degree in supply chain management. With a degree, it’s easy to transition into a leadership role or a more formal logistics position. That makes UPS or FedEx a great place to start a logistics career. For entry-level workers who’ve already completed a degree, these companies offer interesting management positions overseeing high volumes of package deliveries every day.

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With just a Bachelor of Science in Supply Chain Management or Logistics, graduates will find themselves with plenty of job offers. The logistics industry is expanding every year as business becomes more globalized, and the supply of qualified workers can’t keep up with the demand. This makes it easy to find great places to work for logisticians.