5 Great Professional Organizations for Accounting Students

Professional organizations for accounting students are a must for those who want to move their careers forward. These organizations help students to network, learn, and get involved with the accounting communities both in their areas and around the world. Below are five of the best professional organizations, each of which brings something unique to the table for students.

1. Beta Alpha Psi

Beta Alpha Psi is an honors organization that seeks to promote the academic pursuit of finance and accounting. As an organization, it certainly looks impressive on a resume. It also holds annual meetings, has over three hundred chapters and boasts over three hundred thousand members. This is a good resume builder and a great organization to join if you are concerned about the ethics and practice of accounting. This is also a fantastic networking group, one of the best professional organizations for accounting students that can help them make connections across the country and land them jobs after graduation.

2. The Professional Accounting Society of America

With its name, you know that the Professional Accounting Society of America is among the best professional societies for accounting students. This organization is open to students and provides everything from resume help to service discounts for accounting and business students. This is a full service organization that can help you find a job and get your graduate research done, so make sure you look into your campus’ chapter. It’s not the only player in the game, of course, but it’s an absolutely vital tool when you get ready to look for your first real accounting job.

3. Young CPA Network

The Young CPA Network is a fantastic networking group that works with both new CPAs and accounting students. If you’re looking to get involved in your local community or you just need some help meeting people who can help you get a job, this is the group for you. This is a fantastic organization in which you can learn to promote yourself and develop the interpersonal skills that they don’t teach you at school. Even better, the organization also offers you up to 27 CPE credits per year, so you’ll be able to stay engaged while you keep your license up to date.

4. International Federation of Accountants 

The IFA is a global organization and it represents well over two million accountants across the world. This is the kind of professional membership you’ll want to keep after you graduate, so it’s a good idea to get involved now. Like any good professional accounting organization, it offers a good bit of access to professional data and scholarly journals. This organization also carries with a great deal of cache in the accounting community, so your membership will look great on your resume. Definitely make sure to apply to join this organization before you graduate.

5. American Accounting Association

The American Accounting Association offers student memberships, and that’s a fantastic opportunity for any accounting student. This group is a fantastic choice for any accounting student, especially with its ability to allow you to access all three of AAA’s online journals. Beyond the obvious research applications, you’ll also get the chance to access a fantastic career center that can help you to find a job after school. If you’re lucky, you may even get your membership sponsored by a professional!

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If you want to succeed in accounting, you’ll need to know the right people. Each organization listed above is capable of helping you network and learn more about how to be a good accountant. Don’t feel like you have to do it all on your own. Join one of these professional accounting organizations when you’re a student and the benefits will carry throughout your career.