5 Great Professional Organizations for Auditors

As the demand for more auditors grows, within the IRS and throughout various industries, there are five great professional organizations for auditors that professionals should take into consideration, according to Business Insider. These organizations exist to help provide support for the industry as well as train and educate professionals; the bodies also lobby on the behalf of auditors for fair legislation. Becoming a member of any of the five below will be of great help to any auditor.

1. Institute of Internal Auditors

The Institute of Internal Auditors was established in 1941 and is an international organization that is headquartered in Florida. It is the primary voice for internal auditors and currently hosts ore than 185,000 members. The association is dedicated to being the principal advocate and educator for all internal auditors, providing substantial continuing education and development opportunities through workshops and online programs. The institute also works together to research and promote knowledge integral to the community and provide this information, free of charge, to its members.

2. Accounting and Audit Professional Organization Council

One of the most interesting professional organizations for auditors is the Accounting and Audit Professional Organization Council, which can be found as an associate of the International Federation of Accountants. It is a council that focuses on professional accountancy and auditing and how the professionals serve the public interest. It is the home to many implemented international standards that affect these professions and has continued to advocate for accountants and auditors worldwide through its partnership with the IFAC. Members often work together on international projects, erasing borders in the name of providing a solid foundation of ethics and morals for the entirety of the profession.

3. National Association of State Auditors, Comptrollers, and Treasurers

The National Association of State Auditors, Comptrollers, and Treasurers, known as NASACT, focuses on the needs of the above professionals. It has been operating in the Washington, DC, area since 1915. It describes itself as the primary technical network for government financial professionals and represents the needs and concerns of these professionals during litigation and through public policy review. It is a bipartisan association that does not offer political views and is only interested in how finance professionals at the state level are affected by administration and policy changes at the federal level.

4. Association of Healthcare Internal Auditors

The Association of Healthcare Internal Auditors is a professional organization that is highly respected by those within the healthcare industry. It was established in 1981 and advocates for internal auditors working in the healthcare sector by providing industry standards and education for all of its members. The network focuses on the education and training of these individuals and hosts networking events, workshops, webinars, and continuing education programs; online debate forums and lecture series are also available. Members are offered a variety of professional resources as well as the chance to submit to and be published in one of the association’s publications.

5. Association of Credit Union Internal Auditors

As one of the best professional organizations for auditors, the Association of Credit Union Internal Auditors stands as a beacon for advocacy and education among auditors working within credit unions. The association has a stated goal of being the premier destination for networking and continuing education for all of its members, ensuring that each professional is updated on recent policy changes and technologies as well as able to network freely within their market. Members are given access to professional resources, conferences, publications, and more.

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Auditing can be a stressful career; becoming part of a community can ease that burden and provide professionals with the support they need. By researching these five great professional organizations for auditors, professionals will be putting themselves first in order to be valuable and ethical professionals.