5 Great Professional Organizations for Financial Planners

One of the first pieces of advice that are given to a student after they graduate is to become a member of at least one organization; admission to one of these five great professional organizations for financial planners, students can learn more about trends in the industry and will be able to keep their own clients updated on the market. Because financial planners are key to preserving wealth, it is a hallmark achievement of any professional in this industry to be a member of one of these great organizations.

1. Financial Planning Association

The Financial Planning Association is a great professional organization for financial planners; it is the first association for certified financial planners, educators, and students who wish to become a part of the industry. The organization is headquartered in Denver, Colorado, but has chapters in every state in the country as well as most major cities. Members can take part in workshops, member-only networking events, continuing education, and more; the association also advocates for fair legislation for financial planners at the state and federal level.

2. National Association of Personal Financial Advisors

The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors is another great professional organization for financial planners; it is the leading association of fee-only financial planners and has been since 1983. The organization prides itself on its membership offering client-focused financial planning that is compensated wholly by fees; this is the highlight of a professional and ethical financial professional in the country. The association takes great pains to inform both the public and its members about financial planning and offers educational materials on its websites in order to fulfill that mission. It also holds annual conferences in a variety of cities around the country that are attended by the most well-regarded fee-only financial planners in the country.

3. National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors

The National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors is an organization that represents advisors in both fields regardless of the focus of their practice or any products and services they sell. It was founded in 1840 and represents financial planners in every Congressional district in the country by advocating for a fair legislative and regulatory environment as well as providing professional and business skills workshops and conferences for its members. The organization is currently partnered with a variety of other national and international organizations to provide a united front in supporting advisors from every sector in the market.

4. Association for Financial Professionals

The Association for Financial Professionals is located in Washington, D.C., and hosts a network of around 6,500 finance professionals all over the world. It is the home of the Certified Treasury Professional and the Certified Corporate FP and A Professional credentials, both of which are valuable certifications for professionals in the industry. Once a member, professionals can take part in national conferences and workshops, submit articles to the AFP’s publications, and even get additional career training; networking and awards are also a focus of the organization, enabling financial planners to receive recognition for their hard work and dedication.

5. Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc.

The Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards is not just a certification company; it is also an incredible professional finance planner organization. Because certification is a large part of becoming a respected financial planner, most members join straight after becoming certified for their field. This organization is one of the most prestigious in the financial sector and it offers workshops, lecture series, continuing education, and other opportunities to ensure that all professionals are ready and educated on the financial market and what it can mean for their clients.

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Becoming a financial planner is a great way to begin a career in the finance sector. It’s highly recommended that students who are interested in learning more about how a network of like-minded professionals can lead them to a dream job or help them build their own business take a look at these five great professional organizations for financial planners.