5 Great Websites for a Forensic Accountant

Websites for Forensic Accountants

• Journal of Forensic and Investigative Accounting 
• Forensic Strategic Solutions 
• Fraud Files Forensic Accounting Blog 
• CPA Desk 
• WallStreetMojo 

When people first started using the Internet, it was mostly as a source of entertainment, yet it is now used for many business and educational purposes. This is true for forensic accountants. Forensic accountants are highly trained professionals who help solve business crimes involving money. They determine if financial crimes were committed and discover who committed the crimes. A forensic accountant may work independently or exclusively for one organization. Researching online is a great way for a forensic accountant to keep up with forensic technology and learn new accounting trends. Here are 5 great websites for forensic accountants.

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1. Journal of Forensic and Investigative Accounting

The Journal of Forensic and Investigative Accounting (JFIA) is a journal open to anyone interested in accounting and forensic accounting. This site has information on fraud, academic forensic accounting, fraud education, new forensic accounting trends, and investigative measures. It also offers information on how to get manuscripts approved for the JFIA site. Other topics include CPE exams, CPA news and forensic cases. Readers also have access to archives and past articles. 

2. Forensic Strategic Solutions

Forensic Strategic Solutions is not just a website but a full-service accounting investigative company that offers services for the following areas: investigative financial consulting; fraud examination; accounting malpractice; forensic technology and litigated business valuation. The site employs a team of accounting professionals who have extensive experience in litigation consulting and fraud investigation. These professionals are always on hand to provide information and counseling on court cases, financial disputes and anything related to forensic accounting. 

3. Fraud Files Forensic Accounting Blog

The Fraud Files Forensic Accounting Blog is a personal and professional blog created by Tracy Coenen, a CPA and CFF who happens to specialize in forensic accounting. This blog/website gives information on specific financial abuse and fraud cases to help accountants and their clients prevent being victims of scams and fraud. She can also provide readers with information on past arrests and cases, as well as updates on the cases. The blog also offers information on divorce and property settlements; pyramid schemes; anti-fraud training; financial investigations; doing rebuttal reports; becoming an expert witness; and analytical reviews. 

4. CPA Desk

This site is a financial blog set up by several Texas CPAs who specialize in accounting, taxes and global business finance. The CPA Desk offers information on what people should do if they suspect they are victims of fraud or if they suspect fraud in their company, as well as how to prepare for an audit. Readers and interested parties who are Twitter users can also get information via Twitter as these CPAs are active Twitter users. Readers will find this site offers a wide variety of accounting topics. 

5. WallStreetMojo

WallStreetMojo is not just an accounting site but also a personal blog created by an accounting specialist to provide information on various areas of accounting, specifically forensic accounting and financial analysis. This site teaches aspiring and current accountants about equity research, financial modeling, investment banking, private equity, analyzing stocks and accounting in general. WallStreetMojo also offers some valuable information on forensic accountants, what it takes to become a forensic accountant and why forensic accountants are so necessary in today’s world. 

The Forensic CPA Society states that, unlike regular accountants, forensic accountants occupy a cloak and dagger area of the accounting world, which is necessary with the increased amount of white-collar crimes, fraud and cybercrimes. Forensic accountants not only hold degrees in accounting but also have completed specialized training in forensics and forensic accounting. As new crimes and new methods of creating crimes appear year after year, these websites provide forensic accountants with access to current information and resources to make them more successful.