5 High-Paying Accounting Jobs

Five Jobs for Accountants with High Salaries

  • Corporate Controller
  • Environmental Accountants
  • Information Technology Accountants
  • Forensic Accountant
  • Accounting Professor

Accounting is broad field covering everything from bookkeeping to writing the financial plan for a large corporation, and some of these positions are actually very high-paying careers in accounting. Due to the broad range of career levels available for accountants, salaries vary significantly depending on the level of responsibility of the position as well as required education and experience. Some accounting careers with the highest salaries include the following.

1. Corporate Controller

The job duties of this high-paying accounting job depend on the size of the specific company. All controllers are responsible for financial decisions and accounting tasks including accounts payable and receivable, budgeting, financial reporting, and predictive analysis. In larger companies, though, the controller spends most of his or her time managing departments that complete these tasks, whereas in small companies, this professional might complete many of these duties, only delegating certain jobs. Their work directly impacts the future profit margins and viability of the company, and they are compensated accordingly.

2. Environmental Accountant

This is another accounting job with a large salary because these professionals need a high level of scientific and environmental knowledge in addition to accounting expertise. After evaluating the emissions and other threats to the environment from a company’s production enterprise, they calculate the cost these activities have on the environment as well as the cost the company will incur in ending the pollution. Environmental accountants seek to both save the environment and also save their company money by preventing compliance fines and suggesting cost-effective solutions.

3. Information Technology Accountant

Accountants with knowledge and experience in IT networking and programming can earn high salaries in this accounting specialty. These professionals implement, maintain, and update the software used by a business or accounting firm, paying specific attention to ensuring high-level encryption and security. Other IT accountants actually code the software. Forbes predicts that this specialty will grow rapidly in the near future as machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies improve.

4. Forensic Accountant

Crime units employ well-paid specialized accountants who understand how financial crimes occur and also have the investigative skills necessary to detect and trace this behavior. Businesses also hire these professionals in risk management positions to prevent fraud or theft before it occurs. Forensic accountants often are called as witnesses in court and work as contractors to help build financial crime cases.

5. Accounting Professor

While not necessarily a high-paying accounting job early in a career, an accounting professor who earns a doctorate degree and tenure at a university earns some of the highest wages in the industry. A doctorate in accounting requires extensive understanding of advanced mathematics as well as the ability to understand how these ideas play out in the actual markets. Carrying out research and publishing these findings is part of an accounting professor’s job, and much of this research involves the difficult task of predictive analysis.

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Money and budgeting play a role in every industry because products and services cannot be created out of nothing. Since it is such a versatile field, well-paying accounting jobs can be found in a variety of industries.

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