5 Important Blogs for Tax Accountants

Blogs for Tax Accountants

  • CPA Trendlines
  • Bloomberg BNA Accounting Blog
  • Reddit Accounting
  • Accounting Coach
  • Accounting Today

Accountants or aspiring accountants can gain excellent insight and helpful tips by reading blogs for tax accountants. Regardless of how experienced or knowledgeable an accountant may be, the constantly changing laws and regulations may it necessary for accountants to stay up to date with everything accounting-related. Tax accountant blogs can be almost as beneficial as continuing education, whether the individual is a rookie or a seasoned tax accountant. Here are five important blogs for tax accountants.

1. CPA Trendlines

CPA Trendlines is a blog aimed at the tax, accounting and finance professions. It includes a combination of analysis, data, experience and community input and feedback that can be very valuable to readers and clients. Readers can find tips on how to make their firms more profitable while still be in compliance. It also offers tips on investing and how to deal with loss. CPA Trendlines also offers articles on accounting as a profession and how the CPA can have the best possible accounting firm.

2. Bloomberg BNA Accounting Blog

Bloomberg BNA Accounting Blog provides all the latest news and advice on evolving, developing and complicated accounting issues to accountants, advisors and accounting policymakers. It not only deals with current issues and regulations but also offers articles to help accountants prepare for what’s ahead in the coming year. There are special articles from Bloomberg Government, Bloomberg Tax, Bloomberg Law and Bloomberg Government. This blog is popular because it doesn’t focus solely on accounting but also covers topics important to everyone, including service animals, plastics pollution and payroll tax compliance. It’s all-around interesting blog.

3. Reddit Accounting

Reddit Accounting is a blog primarily for accountants and individuals who hope and plan to become accountants. Questions and advice are always welcome on this site, which is one reason why it’s so popular with aspiring accountants. The site gives readers a chance to not just discuss accounting as a career choice but also learn more about accounting in general. This blog gets more than 165 posts per week. It offers valuable information on starting your accounting career as well as how to get a top-notch accounting staff. Reddit Accounting also offers advice on how to prepare for tax season and get through it with as little stress as possible.

4. Accounting Coach

Accounting Coach ranked right up there on top among the best and most popular accounting blogs. There are few things accounting or money-related that you won’t find on this blog site. Whether it’s information on accounting basics, income statements or accounting principles, readers will get tons of information to make accounting as simple and uncomplicated as possible. Accounting Coach has a Q&A section that covers every possible topic with answers in a simple to understand language.

5. Accounting Today

Accounting Today is a popular blog that offers the latest accounting news and interesting information on the public accounting profession. It also offers some practice management advice. Accounting Today focuses on six areas: financial planning, audit & accounting, tax, technology, voices and practice management. Within each area, readers can ask questions, post comments or just read the numerous article. Whether readers are new or the accounting profession or have been accountants for years, they’ll find some great reading on the Accounting Today blog site.

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U.S. News & World Report states that there are more tax accountants in American than police and firefighters combined. With the U.S. Tax Code becoming more complicated every year, tax accountants must have a full understanding of the laws and the changes to the laws. Blogs for tax accountants can help answer questions and keep the accountant as educated as possible.