5 In-Demand Jobs in the IRS

The IRS is the main taxing body of the United States. This group is responsible for overseeing the tax law and enforcement of hundreds of millions of people and business of all sizes. Due to the sheer volume they are dealing with the IRS needs a lot of employees. There are currently five in-demand jobs with the IRS that can provide someone with great professional potential.

1. Appeals Specialist

One of the most in demand jobs with the IRS today is an Appeals Specialist. Every year thousands of people and businesses are hit with tax penalties due to unpaid back taxes. In many cases, those that are charged with a fine end up trying to appeal the case. An appeals specialist is someone that will review the appeal and handle the next steps, which will normally include approval or denial. In some cases, the appeal could be taken to court. Due to the increased complexity of the tax law, it is expected that more appeals specialists will be needed in the future.

2. Economist

Another in demand job with the IRS is an economist. Economists can provide a range of different services to the IRS. In some cases, an economist will be used to value assets, services, and liabilities held by tax payers. In other situations, economists will be used to help determine future tax policy. This can include coming up with changes to the tax law and determine how they will impact government revenue and other economic factors.

3. Revenue Agent

Another in-demand job with the IRS are revenue agents. Revenue agents are hired by the IRS to complete more detailed audits of consumer and business tax records. The agents will often be on site at either a business, or even at the home of a tax payer. They will spend a lot of time dealing with the tax payor directly, or speaking with the tax payers CPAs, lawyers, or other representatives.

4. Engineer

Similar to companies in any other agency, the IRS needs to hire engineers for a variety of tasks. Computer engineers are frequently hired to help better organize tax records, automatically review e-filed tax returns, and complete other tasks. Technical engineers may be hired by the IRS to help value assets that are more technical in nature, including mining and petroleum products.

5. Tax Examiner

One of the most common type of job held by IRS professionals is the tax examiner position. A tax examiner will be hired by the IRS to review tax returns filed, contact tax payers with any questions, and answer any questions that a tax examiner may have about their tax return process. Examiners frequently partner with auditors and other professionals in the IRS in more serious situations.

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In conclusion, the IRS is the main taxing body in the United States. Since it is responsible for overseeing the tax law and enforcement of hundreds of millions of people and companies, the IRS needs to hire a lot of people each year. There are five jobs in particular that are considered highly in demand with the IRS..