5 Must-Read Blogs for Accountants

5 Blogs for Accountants

  • The Accounting Onion
  • Accounting Web
  • Accounting Coach
  • Between Wall and Main
  • AICPA Insights

There are several excellent blogs for accountants to read to help them keep up with what’s going on in the accounting world and share stories. Accounting blogs can also be a good way to communicate with fellow accountants, ask questions, get career information and just stay in touch with those who all share the same love of numbers. Reading accounting articles can be interesting and informative but doesn’t have the same appeal and insight that readers can get from accounting blogs. Here are five must-read blogs for accountants.

1. The Accounting Onion

When asked about The Accounting Onion, readers often describe it as a “well-informed blog site,” and that describes it pretty well. Tom Selling started this blog, and he contributes a lot of knowledge as well as an abundance of humor and wit. He’s proof that numbers and accounting can be fun! His goal, as he puts it, is to “peel away accounting issues one layer at a time” in regards to exposing financial reporting inconsistencies. He also provides a lot of valuable information to the site. The site also includes a bookstore filled with lots of good reading for accounting professionals.

2. Accounting Web

Accounting Web is probably about as current of an accounting blog as you’ll ever find. It’s a professional organization for the modern accountant working in the 21st century. It covers many new accounting concepts and technologies, including marketing, cloud accounting, accounting ethics and laws, and software. It’s a great site for the seasoned accountant to learn about new technologies and procedures used in today’s accounting world.

3. Accounting Coach

Started by a CPA named Harold Averkamp, this accounting blog offers tons of accounting information but also has specific information and categories to help accounting students, bookkeepers and small business owners become familiar with accounting concepts. What else makes this blog site appealing is that it’s very easy to navigate. It offers Q&A sections for each topic, as well as puzzles, practice quizzes and accounting tutorials. There is a paid version for bloggers interested in more advanced learning aids. This is a great blogging site for the aspiring accountant or the accountant just starting out in business or in need of additional assistance.

4. Between Wall and Main

Between Wall and Main was started out by Seth David with the goal of helping accountants and small business owners learn more about accounting technology. This blog site offers educational resources, interesting articles and quality news sections. Bloggers and readers can find new articles every week, and these articles are written by both business coaches and practicing accountants. A main topic of interest is the impact big corporations have on small businesses. Between Wall and Main also has a community group on Facebook, which allows readers to network, ask questions and share tips.

5. AICPA Insights

AICPA Insights is the official blog site for the American Institute of CPAs, but the posts are not limited only to AICPA staff members. Accounting professionals or students are all welcome to use the site. Almost anything accounting-related you’ll find on this blog, including info on accounting education, CPA exams, cybersecurity, financial forensics, CPA career development, tax, management accounting, technology and more. The blog site is very organized. If you’re interested in a certain subject, just click on the category site and you’ll see what’s available. You’ll also find some interesting reading on this that’s not on taxes.

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The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics states that accountants can expect an employment growth of 10 percent during the 2016-2026 decade. As the economy continues to grow, the need for qualified accountants will also grow. Reading blogs for accountants can help accountants and aspiring accountants learn of career opportunities, training programs, new accounting laws and just about anything accounting-related.