5 Podcasts for Accounting Professionals

Accounting Professionals Should Listen to These Five Podcasts

  • The Xero Gravity
  • THRIVEal Podcasts
  • Cloud Stories
  • Accountants Best Practices with Steve Bragg
  • The ACCA Podcasts for Students

Busy accounting professionals may not have a lot of free time for additional work-related endeavors, but these top five podcasts should be a relaxing way to spend time while commuting, having coffee or exercising. Listening to one or more of these five podcasts could expose an accountant to new ideas, fresh research and news about policies and law changes. Each of these podcasts is short enough to listen to on a walk, during breakfast or on a lunch break.

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1. The Xero Gravity

The Xero Gravity podcast’s topics include information for accountants who work at small businesses or who work for themselves. Some of the topics that are discussed in the episodes include how to attract new clients and how to boost income as an accountant. The hosts interview successful entrepreneurs who work as different types of accountants. They also interview small business owners and how they have grown their sales and profits thanks to ethical accountants who help them make the most of their earnings. Another important area that the podcast’s hosts delve into is managing work life balance, which is important for accountants who have heavy seasonal workloads.

2. THRIVEal Podcasts

Accountants work in a relatively humorless field, but the THRIVEal Podcasts aim to change that. The hosts deliver information with a sense of humor. Their casual style includes sharing industry-related news, proposed law changes and more. The THRIVEal Podcasts also includes insights on innovative technology and techniques that accountants may want to try. They do a lot of guest interviews.

3. Cloud Stories

The Cloud Stories episodes are hosted by Heather Smith and supported by the Xero software company. The Xero software is widely used by accountants, and most of the topics are related to technology, maximizing productivity, navigating the software and exploring its features. Thought leaders and Xero software developers are some of the most frequent guests on the episodes. End users and Xero cloud integration specialists also offer their wisdom.

4. Accountants Best Practices with Steve Bragg

According to the Big 4 Accountants Firms organization, accountants could also listen to the Accountants Best Practices with Steve Bragg. This show explains a wide range of best practices for all types of accountants. It has episodes about techniques, closing the books, acquisitions, payroll and more. The host includes a lot of guest interviews and small panel discussions. The style is informal, and many of the episodes build upon the books written by Steve Bragg.

5. The ACCA Podcasts for Students

This podcast’s hosts are the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants members. The episodes include study aids for students who are studying to be accountants or studying for CPA examinations and licensing. It also goes into certifications for accountants. The hosts go deep into topics, such as ethics, forensic services and strategies for accountants.

Each podcast in this list offers a fresh perspective that could inspire an accountant to learn something new or go more in depth on a topic that they might not have thought about previous to listening to the episode. These podcasts are also a good way to unwind while also staying connected to what is going on in the world of finance and economics. These five podcast options for accounting professionals are available in different formats and at no cost to people who are interested in listening to them.