5 Popular Electives in a Bachelor’s in Accounting Program

The Bachelor’s in Accounting – Five Popular Elective Choices

  • Psychology
  • Real Estate
  • Programming
  • Communications
  • Business Management

Today’s Bachelor’s in Accounting is an exciting and very direct way into any number of excellent careers. While students of this program are bound by a predetermined set of learning requirements, there is still some room for personalization of the learning experience, courtesy of elective courses. While the elective courses mentioned here fluctuate in name from one school to the next, they represent five of the top choices in electives for accounting bachelor’s students today.

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1. Psychology

All things considered, psychology is truly a great pairing to add to virtually any degree program, and accounting programs are no exception. To be taken in elective form, this is typically an introductory course that gives students a beginning glance at some of the various concerns and truths of the science of psychology. Applied to accounting and money specifically, psychology and a better understanding of it can help accounting professionals to better strategize and understand customer choices and behaviors, according to the Houston Chronicle.

2. Real Estate

Introductory real estate courses represent another popular elective route for many accounting students. This is because real estate work provides yet an additional approach to math and accountancy while also giving a closer look to an entire sector intimately involved with accounting and finance. In elective-level coursework here, students will learn basics including valuation principles, tax obligations, environmental ethics and law, real estate sales strategy, and more.

3. Programming

Computer programming is extremely important in any device today that involves computing. This is because programming is essentially the language used to tell computing devices what to do and when. Without this way to communicate with computers, there would be no way to use, create, or control them. At elective-level, programming coursework will give a basic introduction to how programming works, as well as some of the types of programming languages used today such as Python, Java, HTML, and Ruby.

4. Communications

Communications is yet another great skill area to advance almost regardless of the career one may eventually choose. There are also many introductory-level courses in this subject acceptable for use as an elective to the accounting degree. The subjects one can learn about here range from non-verbal communications and media to listening techniques and message-craft.

5. Business Management

Many accounting students also choose business management elective classes. This highly related field of study goes hand-in-hand with accountancy and likewise sees many of its own concentrated students engage in accounting coursework come elective time. While there are often many courses of general business management nature to choose from here, there are also many of more specific interest to be found. Some examples of common business electives include Introductions to Business Management, Labor Arbitration, Globalization and Business, Business Accountancy and Ethics, and Human Resources Policies.

A Bachelor’s in Accounting degree is a great choice in today’s finance-driven world. Selecting the right elective classes throughout this degree program can add to one’s potential learning and enjoyment factors alike. These five electives are among the most commonly chosen by accounting students today.