5 Publications Every Accounting Professional Should Read

Publications for Accounting Professionals

  • Journal of Accountancy
  • The CPA Journal
  • Accountancy
  • Strategic Finance
  • CFO

Reading financial publications can be very helpful to accountants, auditors and individuals working in the finance industry. Financial laws and regulations are constantly changing, and it’s important that these professionals be aware of the new laws and stay abreast of new accounting trends and practices. With so many financial publications and websites out there today, it’s often hard to know which ones are must-reads and which ones are not. Here are 5 publications accounting professionals should read regularly.

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1. Journal of Accountancy

Journal of Accountancy is an authoritative and very popular publication for professional accountants and CPAs. It offers practical, in-depth, timely and comprehensive information on topics such as fraud and ethics; tax; personal financial planning; career and professional development; technology; HR/payroll; cybersecurity; and practice management. Readers who enjoy the Journal of Accountancy consist of finance professionals, students, CEOs, CFOs, CPAs and professional accountants.

2. The CPA Journal

Despite the name, readers do not have to be CPAs to enjoy reading The CPA Journal. It’s a journal that’s helpful and interesting for anyone working in the financial industry, whether as an accountant, CFO, or an auditor. The CPA Journal covers topics like finance, taxation, and auditing. It also features media and videos online. Readers can also read older articles through the journal’s archive. In addition to having many great business articles aimed at accountants, it also gives readers the opportunity to submit their own stories.

3. Accountancy

This accountant’s journal offers readers all the latest financial news several times a day. Accountants can get local news as well as information on financial trends happening on the international front. Some of the topics covered in Accountancy  include laws, accounting practices, careers, financial reporting, consultations, economic trends, pensions, business, and more. Readers can utilize the easy-to-use search engine and access a comprehensive archive of past articles.

4. Strategic Finance

Accounting professionals looking for a popular finance publication really don’t want to miss the Strategic Finance, an award-winning journal that got its start from the Institute of Management Accountants. This monthly journal offers interesting and thought-provoking articles designed to help financial professionals grow professionally and personally, advance their careers, perform better on the job, and make their organizations more profitable. The articles are written with accountants and financial professionals in mind. Financial planning, capital decisions, budgeting, careers and leadership are just a few of the many topics offered in Strategic Finance™.

5. CFO

CFO is a very popular publication for financial experts, including accountants, auditors and chief financial officers. Individuals who never tire of reading financial articles will enjoy CFO because it offers new and interesting stories daily. Some of the main topics covered include accounting and tax; banking and capital markets; risk and compliance; human capital and careers; strategy; growth companies; and technology. Although many of the stories are geared towards finance executives, anyone working with finances will enjoy CFO. It also offers buyer’s guides, special reports, and proprietary benchmarking tools and calculators. CFO is available in hard copy and online.

The growing economy will increase the demand for accountants and auditors. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, these financial experts are expected to see job growth of 10% between 2016 and 2026. Reading financial publications will give accountants an edge and make them more appealing to potential employers.