5 Top Reasons to Become an Accountant

5 Best Reasons for an Accounting Career

  • Employment
  • Understanding Business
  • Applicable Skills
  • Great Salary
  • Connections

When it comes to all the reasons to become an accountant, the list is quite long. After all, accounting is thousands of years old and it will probably continue to exist as long as people do. Not to mention the benefits of such a fast-paced and lucrative career with limitless growth opportunities.

1. Employment

Unlike most fields, accountants are one of the very few professionals that have a low risk of unemployment. Just consider the basic principle around which their job revolves. In some cases, they are responsible for leading internal finances of a large firm. Then again, they also do anything from one’s taxes to high-profile audits of corporations. In translation, it is unlikely that accountants will ever be out of work. As long as there are businesses bringing in revenue, these professionals will be needed to help deal with the back-end duties. Hence why employment opportunities are one of the main reasons to become an accountant.

2. Understanding Business

Most specialties prepare someone to deal with specific scenarios. In accounting, however, the employee possess a wide range of skills that includes almost all layers of business. Think of all the coursework an average accountant has to take in order to get certified. Their classes will include things like marketing, management, finance, information systems, and much more. As a consequence, accountants are usually experts on business principles and ways to run an organization successfully. This means that additional self-employment opportunities are also available in case they decide to start their own firms.

3. Applicable Skills

Another great reason to become an accountant is the fact that the skillset in question is very transferable. When one is pursuing a career in accounting, their studies will take them through things like conflict resolution and taxes. Regardless of one’s career later on, such knowledge can be applied to everyday life. Even after an accountant changes fields, they can still benefit from understanding how to properly file taxes. In addition, the countless lessons on business and human’s psychology can be utilized almost everywhere. Thus, an accountant is never bound by their career and changing fields is possible.

4. Great Salary

Arguably, the income pertaining to a certain career is often one of the most important factors that come into play. Well, accounting continues to find itself amongst the top 10 highest-paid careers, according to Forbes. Entry salary goes anywhere from $52,000 on the low-end to over $60,000 for those with certain specializations. Additionally, year-end and performance bonuses that most employees are eligible for increase the aforementioned figure. Not to mention the amazing benefits packages that almost every accounting firm provides their workers with. These include things like a solid health and life insurance as well as matching-contribution retirement plans.

5. Connections

Accounting is not a profession for those who prefer to work alone. Instead, it operates on a team-basis where people join forces and work together. Consequently, a great reason to become an accountant are the neverending connections with other firms, associates, and clients. In fact, one can develop their network of contacts to a point where they can start their own practices effortlessly. Not to forget that working in an environment surrounded by like-minded individuals can facilitate more employee satisfaction which yields better careers.

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Other benefits revolve around the work-life balance, flexibility with work-from-home alternatives, innumerable travel opportunities, and so on. In the end, one simply has to pick amongst all the astounding reasons to become an accountant and their venture will be justified.