5 Great Websites for Retirement Planning

5 Great Websites for Retirement PlanningTop Websites to Help Plan Retirement

  • The Social Security Administration
  • Nerd Wallet
  • Retirement Revised
  • Kiplinger’s Retirement Channel
  • Retirement Living

People who are getting ready to retire or simply planning for their future will be glad to learn that there are many great websites for retirement planning. Retirement is a fact of life and can be quite stressful for those who are not prepared. But the following websites can help people prepare for this time of their lives by providing them with valuable information necessary to retire comfortably.

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1. The Social Security Administration

One great website for people who are planning to retire is the Social Security Administration website. This is a good first step in planning retirement for persons who have worked steadily most of their lives. By creating an account with ssa.gov, people can look over their earnings for the past several years and view estimations of the benefits they may qualify for in the areas of disability and retirement. They can also find out how much money they would qualify for should they retire early or if they wait to retire until full retirement age.

2. Nerd Wallet

Founded in 2009, NerdWallet.com provides financial assistance in a broad range of areas including banking, investments, improving credit scores, mortgages, and planning for retirement. The site also offers a wide array of retirement blogs and a handy calculator tool that can help people determine when would be the best time for them to retire comfortably.

3. Retirement Revised

Another terrific website that provides retirement information is Retirement Revised. Retirement Revised offers a large variety of resources for people planning their retirement and was named as one of the best retirement websites by Money Magazine. In addition to a weekly retirement newsletter, other resources that can be found on RetirementRevised.com include a wide array of retirement guides written by professionals, retirement-related podcasts, a library of books related to retirement, a Social Security retirement estimation tool, and a retirement calculator.

4. Kiplinger’s Retirement Channel

Kiplinger’s Retirement Channel is yet another fantastic website for planning retirement. On this website, users will find helpful articles on a large variety of retirement related topics such as Social Security tips and myths, Medicare mistakes to avoid, what people need to know about Medigap prices, and learning about the different retirement plans. Other resources offered by Kiplinger’s Retirement Channel include retirement related podcasts, a guide to the best states for retirement, mobile apps, and retirement related slide shows.

5. Retirement Living

A website that is solely devoted to retirees and people getting ready to retire is known as Retirement Living. At RetirementLiving.com, users will find a vast library of articles related to such subjects as deciding where to retire, best investments for retirement, how much money to save for retirement, and choosing a financial adviser. The site also offers various tools to help users calculate the funds they will need for retirement and how much Social Security they may qualify for when they retire.

Preparing for retirement can be quite stressful, especially for people who are not sure of the ins and outs involved in retiring comfortably. But there are many great websites for retirement planning, and the five sites discussed above are among the best.