The 5 Characteristics of an Auditor

The work of an auditor is to check the financial records of a company and ensure all cash related operations are running smoothly. Auditing can be done by an internal auditor, external or independent auditor. The internal auditor is an employee of the company who on a regular basis checks cash activities in the firm. An independent auditor works for a company he does not have any personal attachment. Here are five characteristics of an auditor that are vital in the trade.

1. Have the Required Experience

Certifications are key academic qualifications for an auditor. An auditor should have the required knowledge on accounting, business and taxation law. It is also necessary that he or she has computer operation skills because most of the operations will require one. Knowledge of management systems will also be an added advantage. Skills are not enough because experience is what makes one knowledgeable in the field. The more audits he has completed, the sharper he gets in the field.

2. Ability to Make Independent Decisions

An auditor’s decision should not be wavered or influenced by anyone. Their actions, decisions, and reports should be as a result of careful analysis of the company’s operations. They should not have any personal interests or favoritism. Even when he or she has to unearth sensitive information, they should do this and table the results confidently without fear. When some findings are not clear, they should not settle until they gets to the bottom of the issue. Where they need to ask questions or have points clarified, they can face the authorities without shame. This is a key characteristic of an auditor.

3. Auditors Have the Ability to Understand Different Business Needs

Another characteristic of an auditor is the ability to work with different company setups. To come up with a successful audit, they must first understand what the business entails. An auditor can quickly analyze a company set up and find a working strategy no matter how big the organization is. If they have people working under them, their organization skills help them to work smoothly and lead their team confidently.

4. Dependable

Can the auditor keep to the designated schedule? Can they attend meetings on time and offer prompt feedback on the work progress? These are important auditor characteristics to look for. The work of the auditor may affect some inside operations, therefore, following the set guidelines and ensuring the work is complete on time is important. On the same note, an auditor should be trustworthy and decisive. They should not share company information with third parties. Sometimes, auditors come across sensitive information. They should only disclose this to the concerned parties.

5. Effective Communication Skills

An auditor cannot be effective if they have not mastered excellent communication skills. They should be assertive and at the same time have people skills. They can be a skilled auditor when it comes to compiling reports, but if they cannot convincingly communicate when called upon to present their work, the effort will be futile. They should be patient and have skills to elaborate points to the satisfaction of the auditee.

Also, their goal should not only be to compile reports for their auditee, but they should also strive to solve some of the business problems they might be facing. They can do this by offering suggestions and recommendations.

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The work of an auditor sometimes is complex and demanding, but these qualities can help you deliver quality work that is not biased or compromised. If you have an interest in accounting, business and taxation laws, learning how to become a dependable auditor becomes easier. Also, a strong character will ensure you remain competitive and your skills highly sort in the market.