Master’s in Accounting Degree Programs in New Mexico

Before becoming a certified public accountant, an individual must first complete 150 credits of college, which students can do when they earn a bachelor’s degree and then enroll in one of the Master’s in Accounting degree programs in New Mexico. A professional CPA has an easier time finding a job than someone without certification does, and those who pass this exam also have the chance to make more money. New Mexico programs help students complete the minimum required number of hours of college and can help them prepare for the exam with review sessions and other programs offered on their campuses.

New Mexico State University

NMSU School of Business

The New Mexico State University is the primary public university system in New Mexico. It has a flagship campus in Las Cruces and runs some smaller campuses in other parts of the state. The university created a Master of Accountancy program to meet the growing need for trained accountants across the country. This MACC accredited program helps students meet the requirements for taking the CPA exam in both New Mexico and Texas. Students may meet or come close to meeting the requirements to take this exam in other states too and to work in states outside of the American Southwest.

Master of Accountancy (MACC)

As one of the top Master’s in Accounting degree programs in New Mexico, this program looks for students who have more experience and education. All students must submit a transcript that shows they took some business foundation courses and all accounting electives before starting the program. The 30 credits of classes that students take must include 21 credits at or above the 500 level and some electives. Students can earn up to six credits for writing a thesis or doing a final project, though this is not a program requirement. All students will need to take a comprehensive exam though.


Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB)


1320 E University Ave.

Las Cruces, NM 88003

(575) 646-2821


University of New Mexico


One of the top Master’s in Accounting degree programs in New Mexico for students who want to take a professional licensing or certification exam is the Anderson MACCT program that the University of New Mexico offers. The university accepts more than 100 students into this program each year, and those students score an average of 566 on the GMAT. More than half of all students in this program are women, and minority students make up over half the program’s population too. The university has an impressive 100% rating for graduates who either receive an internship offer or a job offer upon graduation.

Anderson MACCT

UNM offers the Anderson MACCT with three different concentration options. The first is a professional program designed for those who do not come from an accounting background. Those students will need to take some prerequisites and spend more time working on their degrees. Students with a bachelor’s degree in accounting or business can enroll in a version of the program with a concentration in advanced accounting, information assurance or taxation. Review sessions are available for those taking the CPA exam too. The University of New Mexico also offers a joint degree program that allows students to earn an MACCT and a law degree.


Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB)


The University of New Mexico

Albuquerque, NM 87131

(505) 277-0111


University of the Southwest

USW Online

The University of the Southwest has a large presence both in New Mexico and online. Founded in the 1950s as a Baptist college, it started life as a junior college that awarded graduates two-year degrees. Within a few years of opening, the state granted it the right to offer bachelor’s programs, which led to the school becoming the New Mexico Baptist College. Once the school moved to Hobbs, it eliminated the word Baptist from its name and began welcoming students from all denominations. Many students know University of the Southwest for the wide range of online programs it now offers.

Online MBA with Accounting Specialization

USW offers one of the top master’s in Accounting degree programs in New Mexico for students who want to earn their degrees online. This online MBA program offers several specializations for students that include one in accounting. The university designed this program to help students learn more about accounting theories, the methods that professionals use on the job and the techniques that they’ll one day need to use. It also prepares them for the CPA exam. Students will take a capstone on organizational design and strategy in addition to some business foundation courses and classes like accounting and auditing research and small business accounting.


Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB)


6610 North Lovington Highway

Hobbs, NM 88240

(575) 392-6561


Even those who do not want to work as a CPA will often find it helpful to attend graduate school because they learn more skills that can help them on the job. Students learn all the important skills in all the top master’s in accounting degree programs in New Mexico.

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