Master’s in Accounting Degree Programs in New York (D-L)

Attending one of the top master’s in accounting degree programs in New York is great for those working in the industry to get the certification needed to succeed on their own or when working for others. Many of the graduates of these programs take the CPA exam to get their certifications and licenses that allow them to work as a CPA. Some firms in New York require that job seekers get their certification before applying. In addition to working as a CPA, these graduates can get other certificates and join professional organizations that help them find jobs in the field.

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Fordham University

Gabelli School of Business

Fordham University offers five options for those looking at master’s in sccounting degree programs in New York. Each program emphasizes a different area of study, which allows students to pick the best degree program based on their future goals. There are also three MBA programs available through the university that let students develop strong accounting skills at the same time that they learn about areas of business like management and economics. Its Gabelli School of Business ranks as one of the nation’s top business schools, and its accounting program ranks among the top graduate accounting programs in the country too.

MSA Accounting

The university designed its MSA Accounting program to meet the needs of both full-time and part-time students. Full-time students can finish their degrees in one year, but part-time students can take their time and spread their studies out across several years. This allows those students to continue working full-time while in school. The program has a few prerequisites, but students who did not take those courses as an undergrad can take them before starting this program. Students will need to take three accounting or taxation electives, as well as required courses like auditing of accounting systems and internal reporting and control.


Fordham also offers a taxation program that awards graduates a Master of Science in Taxation (MST) degree. This program deals more closely with the issues that tax accountants deal with on a regular basis, including working with clients to pay taxes on the estates that they inherit and helping corporations find incentives that bring down their annual tax bills. Students can pick the electives that they want to take from within the accounting and taxation field, but they will also need to take some required classes. Those required courses include federal research and procedure and estate and gift taxation.


One of the only graduate accounting programs in New York that combine business administration and taxation studies is this dual program that Fordham offers, which allows students to earn both an MST degree and an MBA. The MBA courses that students take teach them the basics of the business world and how corporations and smaller companies and nonprofits operate. They also take taxation courses that teach them the laws behind the taxes that clients pay. The whole program features classes like individual and business entity taxation, current law and regulation changes in taxation, financial statement analysis, and principles of modern finance.

MBA with Concentration in Accounting

Many schools across the country, including some online schools, now offer MBA programs for students, but Fordham offers an MBA program with two different concentrations for accounting majors. The first of those is a concentration in straight accounting. Students will need to take five required accounting courses in addition to their MBA courses. Those accounting classes include financial accounting theory, financial statement analysis, managerial accounting analysis and advanced financial statement analysis. Once students finish the MBA program, they will meet the total number of required hours of courses required to take the CPA license exam in New York.

MBA with Concentration in Professional Accountancy

Another option that Fordham University offers for MBA students is a program with a concentration in professional accountancy. It includes four breadth courses and eight public accountancy courses that are worth a total of 36 credits. Students will then need to take 33 credits of business courses to complete an MBA. As this is a full-time program, students usually finish their studies in two years or a little over two years. The program qualifies students to sit for the CPA exam too. Some of the courses that these students take include managerial accounting analysis, forensic accounting, and auditing of accounting information systems.


Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB)


Rose Hill Campus

441 E. Fordham Road

Bronx, NY 10458

(212) 636-6000


Hofstra University

Frank G. Zarb School of Business

When many students begin looking at Master’s in Accounting degree programs in New York, they start their searches at Hofstra University. This is a private university with a reputation as being one of the top schools in the region as well as in the nation. Its Frank G. Zarb School of Business also ranks among the top business schools and offers some of the top business and accounting programs in the country. The university now offers seven degree programs that accounting students will find appealing. Those programs include some focused on accounting as well as MBA and accounting programs.

Accounting, MS

One of the only programs in the state with a residency component is the Accounting, MS program Hofstra offers. The university believes that doing residency workshops on its campus will help students develop better team building skills and that they’ll learn how to work more effectively with others. These workshops also provide students with skills regarding how to do research in the library and in facilities away from the campus. Students will also have to take 30 semester hours of classes that include both required courses and electives like government and nonprofit accounting, advanced auditing and accounting in a global environment.

Taxation, MS

Residency workshops are a component of the university’s taxation program too, which prepares students to do the taxes of others, including both individuals and groups. The program features just five required courses, but students can then select different electives from available business, accounting, and taxation courses to meet the 30 semester hours of work required to graduate. This allows students to pick classes that will teach them more about the industries they want to work in and courses relating to their careers. The five required courses in this program include tax practice and procedures and income tax problems of partnerships.

Accounting, MBA

Hofstra designed an MBA program specifically to meet the needs of those who want to work in management positions. The MBA is offered with a concentration in accounting and prepares students for working in roles within the accounting and finance departments of companies. Hofstra will accept up to nine hours of work done on another campus as long as the student earned those credits within the last five years. Based on the backgrounds of incoming students, the university requires that they take between 41 and 48 credits. Those credits can include management, business, accounting, and finance classes at the graduate level.

Taxation, MBA

Taxation professionals must have a strong understanding of tax laws and regulations to ensure that they look out for the best interests of their clients. Hofstra offers one of the only accounting programs in New York that combines an MBA with a taxation degree, which provides students with a strong understanding of how corporations operate and what nonprofits do in the business industry. More than 20 of the credits that students take provide a deep understanding of specific topics like business ethics and managerial finance. Students will also need to take 12 credits of taxation and related accounting classes.

Accounting, Professional Accountancy, MBA

No matter where an individual wants to work in the accounting field, getting an MBA in Professional Accountancy can help that person succeed in the future. Hofstra allows students to transfer in up to nine credits, but the university will also base the total credits and required courses that a student must take on whether he or she has a strong undergrad background in accounting. The program includes courses on individual income tax, financial reporting and analysis and advanced accounting theory and practice. It is also one of the only programs in the state with a final capstone component.

Accounting (BBA) and Accounting (MS), Dual-Degree Program

Earning an undergrad degree and a graduate degree typically takes at least six years, but Hofstra University offers two programs designed to reduce the amount of time that students spend in school. One of those programs is a BBA and MS dual-degree program that allows students to earn a BBA degree and then finish an MS in Accounting in just one extra year of work. Students take master courses during their junior and senior years. This program also allows students to complete the credits needed to take the CPA exam faster and to get their licenses in five years rather than six years.

Accounting (BBA) and Taxation (MS), Dual-Degree Program

A similar program offered by the university is a dual-degree program that helps students finish a BBA degree and a Master of Science in Taxation in just five years of full-time study. Students can take the CPA exam as soon as they finish the program, and they can gain the experience needed to take that exam through internships that they do during their undergrad years. The university requires that students maintain a 3.2 grade point average before taking any graduate courses. Some of the courses in this program include accounting information systems, income tax for business entities and advanced accounting theory and practice.


Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB)


Hofstra University

Hempstead, N.Y. 11549-1000

(800) 463-7872


Iona College

School of Business

Iona College has its own School of Business that offers a number of degree programs for undergrad and graduate students. The college understands that some students may have an interest in accounting but decided against studying the subject while in college, which is why it offers different programs for different types of students. Its MS in Accounting is a program open to any student who majored in business as an undergrad, even if that student did not take many or any accounting classes. Iona College also offers an MBA program with a concentration in public accounting for those with business experience.

MS in Accounting

Prior to taking the CPA exam, New York requires that those taking the exam have at least two years of experience and 150 credits of college work. The MS in Accounting is one of the Master’s in Accounting degree programs in New York that reduces the amount of experience that test takers need. Those who complete this program will only need one year of professional experience. It has a rolling admissions policy that allows students to start the program at the beginning of any of the three semesters. Students take courses on fraud examination, federal taxation and accounting theories.

MBA – Public Accounting

Many accounting majors have an interest in general business, which is why Iona College offers an MBA program with an emphasis on public accounting. It features 24 credits of core MBA courses like financial accounting and reporting, information systems and finance for managers. Students will also need to take a capstone course in the final year, and most students do this in the final semester. The program includes 12 credits of required accounting classes too, including professional ethics and fraud examination, advanced auditing theory and practice, research in financial accounting and special topics in accounting that looks at a different topic each semester.


Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AASCB)


715 North Ave.

New Rochelle, NY 10801

(800) 231-IONA

Ithaca College

Graduate Programs

Many students know Ithaca College because this small college has such a strong reputation in the state. Students come from all over the country and from other countries to study here. The college looked at the top Master’s in Accounting degree programs in New York when designing its own program because it wanted to make sure that its single program would offer the same opportunities for students. When combined with an undergrad degree, it helps students complete the 150 credits of work required to take the CPA exam. More than 40 states in the country require the same hours of work.

M.S. in Accounting

Ithaca College expects its M.S. in Accounting students to take 15 credits of courses each semester to graduate in just one year, but the college also accepts part-time students who take between three and nine credits every semester. All students take the same five required courses that include contemporary issues in accounting, taxation for managers, advanced financial reporting and corporate financial management. Electives that students can take include forensic accounting, federal tax research, fraud law and an accounting internship. The college offers a tax track for those who want to work in taxation that features other classes too.


Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB)


953 Danby Rd.

Ithaca, NY 14850

(607) 274-3011


LIU Brooklyn

School of Business, Public Administration and Information Sciences

Long Island University started life as a small college that offered opportunities for students living on Long Island before deciding to expand to other parts of the state. Its Brooklyn campus is one of its largest and goes by the name of LIU Brooklyn. This school offers two good options for students looking for masters in accounting degree programs in New York. It offers a standard accounting program that awards graduates a Master of Science and a program for MBA students with a concentration in accounting. Both programs can prepare students to take the CPA exam or another national licensing test.

M.S. in Accounting

The National Association of the State Boards of Accountancy granted approval to the M.S. in Accounting program that LIU Brooklyn offers because this program stresses the importance of practical training and real-life learning. This program features 36 credits of work that provide students with the chance to learn about issues facing accountants today and to study examples of work done in the past. This program also provides training to those with a CPA license. Those professionals need to continue their education to keep their licenses in good standing, which they can do through this program.

M.B.A. in Accounting

An MBA degree can help the holder launch a new business or work for an existing business. LIU Brooklyn designed an MBA program with a concentration in accounting for those who want to work in the business industry but in a financial capacity. When a student enrolls, the university will look at the number and type of classes that the individual took as an undergrad to determine the classes he or she will need to take. The university may require that a student needs to take up to 63 credits or just 36 credits because of the person’s educational background.


Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AASCB)


1 University Plaza

Brooklyn, New York 11201-5372

(718) 488-1000


LIU Post

School of Professional Accountancy

Long Island University also has a branch that it calls LIU Post, which is in Brookville, New York. One unique feature of this campus is that it’s one of the only schools in the state with a School of Professional Accountancy. This is the school responsible for both of its accounting degree programs. Students can choose between a professional accountancy degree that goes over many topics relating to accounting or an accounting degree with a taxation concentration that deals more with state, local and federal taxes. LIU Post has clubs and organizations that accounting students can join on its campus too.

M.S. in Accountancy (Professional Accountancy)

One of the top Master’s in Accounting degree programs in New York that is available through LIU Post is an M.S. in Accountancy with a Professional Accountancy focus. The university designed this program for students who already have an undergrad accounting degree, but it’s also open to those who studied accounting and took related courses as an undergrad. It prepares them for the CPA exam and helps them complete the 150 credits of work needed to take that exam. The program includes classes such as corporate financial reporting, advanced assurance services and computer auditing, state and local taxation and corporate taxation.

M.S. in Accountancy (Taxation)

LIU Post also offers an M.S. in Accountancy with an emphasis on taxation that features more tax courses than the professional accountancy program does. Designed for those who want to work directly with clients and corporations needing help with taxes, this program requires that students maintain a 3.0 grade point average. Students who see their grades drop will receive a warning from the school and a chance to improve their grades before they face expulsion. Courses in the taxation program include nonprofit entity accounting, federal taxation of estates, gifts and trusts and procedures and practices in federal taxation.


Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AASCB)


720 Northern Blvd.

Brookville, New York 11548-1327

(516) 299-2900


New York holds a number of opportunities for those who want to work in accounting because there are firms in Manhattan as well as those in smaller cities. Master’s in accounting degree programs in New York give students all the training they need to work in different accounting positions.

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