11 Best Podcasts About Accounting

By TAD Staff
May 2021

Podcasts about accounting can be a great resource for future, practicing, and former accountants to keep up with the industry. But with dozens of professional and amateur accountants creating podcasts these days, it can be hard to tell exactly which podcasts provide the most useful and up-to-date information. 

That’s why Top Accounting Degrees went on the hunt for the 11 best accounting podcasts. To ensure we were highlighting only the very best, we consulted Apple Podcasts to find out which 11 podcasts had both the highest ratings by users, and the most subscriptions. Though some podcasts remain helpful even after they end, we included only those podcasts currently producing new episodes. Keep scrolling for the 11 best podcasts about accounting!

1. Accounting Best Practices 

Topping our list of the best accounting podcasts is Accounting Best Practices, by Steve Bragg. This top-rated podcast covers exactly what you’d probably expect: the best practices that an accountant, controller, or CFO can adopt for successful business. New episodes are typically released 2-3 times per month, and average just seven minutes in length. Recent episode topics include “The Payables Clerk,” “Nonprofit Accounting,” and “How to Create a Sales Forecast.” 

2. CPA Exam Guide

Accounting students and anyone else preparing to sit for the Certified Public Accounting exam will want to catch up on Bryan Kesler’s CPA Exam Guide Podcast. In each episode, Kesler — who runs the blog The CPA Guide — walks listeners through the steps he took to pass the CPA exam, while also working full time. Recent episodes include “How a Forensic Accountant Passed the CPA Exam,” “10 Years & 10 Lessons Learned as a CPA,” and “Proven Ways to Fail the CPA Exam — Don’t Do These!”

3. Where Accountants Go

Where Accountants Go is produced for anyone working in the accounting industry, or who has an interest in entering the industry. It is written, produced, and presented “for accountants, by accountants.” Where Accountants Go releases new episodes about once a week. Most shows feature a successful guest who shares his or her career story. Recent episodes include “Julio Gonzalez: The Most Interesting Man in Tax,” “Amanda ‘Jo’ Ervin: Changing the Internal Audit World,” and “Brian Goldbard: From TV Production to Accounting!”

4. Accounting Today Podcast

The Accounting Today Podcast is the podcast for Accounting Today, the popular trade magazine. The weekly shows are hosted by Accounting Today editors, and typically feature interviews with various thought leaders and change makers working in the accounting industry. Recent episodes include “The downside of auditor rotation,” “Building a CAS practice,” and “Accounting makes a better career than ever.” 

5. Grow My Accounting Practice 

Grow My Accounting Practice is a must-listen for any accountant or bookkeeper who is looking to grow his or her practice. The show’s two hosts spend each episode diving into theory, best practices, and strategy. Some episodes even feature other industry professionals who have found success in growing their business. New episodes are released weekly. Recent topics covered include “How to Take the Guesswork Out of Growth,” “How to Find the Emotion That’s Necessary to Sell,” and “The Art of Business Acquisitions.”

6. PwC’s Accounting Podcast

If you’re keen to learn about accounting, then why not learn from one of the very best? PwC’s Accounting Podcast is a twice-weekly show produced by none other than Pricewaterhouse Coopers. Each new episode features PwC experts tackling one single topic. Recent episodes include “Identifying Performance Obligations,” “Advice for CFOs on Supply Chain Diversification,” and “The Subscription Economy.”   

7. The Big 4 Accounting Firms Podcast

Those who like to keep up with the industry’s leaders will want to tune in to The Big 4 Accounting Firms Podcast. This podcast covers the latest news surrounding the industry, and strategies for success within the Big 4. New episodes are released daily, and average just 8 minutes in length. Recent episodes include “Cybersecurity & Crypto News,” “EY Tries Cancelling Itself,” and “Why You Don’t Get Hired by The Big 4.” 

8. Future Firm Accounting Podcast

Future Firm Accounting Podcast is hosted by Ryan Lazanis, a CPA who led a firm from cloud-based to acquisition in just five years. In each episode, Ryan interviews an industry leader about things such as innovation, tips for modernization, best strategies, and more. New episodes are typically released every two weeks. Recent episodes include “The Importance of Celebrating Your Wins,” “My 6 Favorite Accounting Communities to Learn From,” and “8 Pricing Strategies I Use to Max My Price.” 

9. Accounting Influencers

According to its description, Accounting Influencers is a podcast for “progressive accounting firms and the people that lead them, work in them, and serve them.” In each episode, host Rob Brown talks with accounting practitioners and/or thought leaders to discuss what makes a good accounting firm and a great accountant. New episodes are released about twice a month, and run 15-30 minutes. Recent episodes include “Essential Career Skills for the Modern Day Accountant,” “How Top Accounting Firms Turn Innovation Into Action,” and “The Power of Key Performance Indicators for Accountants.” 

10. Cloud Accounting Podcast

The Cloud Accounting Podcast is hosted by David Leary and Blake Oliver. The weekly show combines accounting and technology, and covers everything from industry news to interviews with industry leaders. Episodes are about one hour long. Recent episodes include “Why Business Owners Hire Bookkeepers,” “IRS Can’t Afford to Collect Taxes, Says IRS Chief Rettig,” and “Value Pricing Secrets Revealed.” 

11. Financial Advisor Success

Financial Advisor Success is Michael Kitces’ top-rated podcast. With topics aimed at both newbies and veterans, this show offers listeners the inspiration and advice needed to achieve success in the industry. New episodes are released about once a week. Recent episodes include “Accelerating Growth by Paying to Outsource Prospecting and Lead Generation…”, “Building CPA Alliances to Reach a More Affluent Clientele…,” and “Crafting a 5-Step Process to Add Value As a ‘Thinking Partner’ for Clients…”

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