Columbia College


Columbia College is also featured in our ranking of the Top 35 Most Affordable Online Bachelor’s in Finance.

Students interested in learning finance and accounting can find plenty of options at Columbia College. Students can pursue undergraduate and graduate degrees either online, at one of the school’s extended sites, or at the home campus in Columbia, Missouri.

Students who attend Columbia College’s home campus may pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting, a Bachelor of Science in Accounting, a Bachelor of Arts in Finance or a Bachelor of Science in Finance. Students may also choose to major in a different field while minoring in accounting or finance. Columbia College is a traditional liberal arts school, which means students can pursue liberal arts degrees like history, creative writing or philosophy while also taking finance and accounting classes. Students at Columbia College may choose to double major in humanities and business fields in order to have the most well-rounded education.

Those students interested in a master’s degree in finance or accounting can earn those degrees online. Students can choose a Master of Business Administration with an accounting emphasis. The undergraduate finance and accounting classes offered at in-seat are available online as well.

Students who study finance and accounting at Columbia College do so through the Robert W. Plaster School of Business. Most classes are held in the college’s New Building, a state-of-the-art learning center that combines residence halls, labs, classrooms, and offices.

Columbia College allows its traditional students to take online classes if their schedules need more flexibility. The school also offers evening classes for students who are not available during the day.

About Columbia College

Columbia College is located in Columbia, Missouri. Originally called Christian College, the school was established as a female-only school in 1851 as an answer to the University of Missouri – Columbia, which only allowed male students. The school rebranded itself as Columbia College in 1970 when it also opened its doors as a coeducational institution.

Columbia College is known for building relationships between professors and students. The college is staffed with award-winning scholars who do not use teaching assistants to carry out their classes.

Sports are an important part of life at Columbia College. The school is part of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletes and the American Midwest Conference. Columbia College offers such athletics as basketball, baseball, softball, bowling, cross country, track and field, golf, lacrosse, soccer and volleyball.

Columbia College was one of the first higher education institutions in the country to offer an eSports league. The eSports program at Columbia College is highly competitive and has dedicated support on campus.

In addition to the traditional campus, Columbia College offers a robust catalog of online courses. There are also satellite campuses throughout the United States and abroad. Potential students can find Columbia College campuses in Alabama, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, Washington and throughout the state of Missouri. Columbia College also operates a satellite campus in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Columbia College Accreditation Details

Columbia College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. This accreditation covers all of Columbia College’s undergraduate and graduate degrees as well as any certificate programs. Some of the programs at Columbia College hold accreditation from specific governing bodies that specialize in those areas. The Robert W. Plaster School of Business is an educational member of the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs.

Columbia College Application Requirements

Students can apply to Columbia College online. Students must provide a high school transcript, a college transcript or proof of GED completion. Students will be considered for admission to the home campus if they have a high school cumulative GED of at least 2.5 and can show one of the following:

  • Top 50 percent of graduating class
  • 21 or higher on ACT
  • 1070 or higher on SAT
  • Completion of at least 12 units of college coursework with a C grade or higher

Students who wish to attend the online campus must complete the online application, provide proof of high school graduation or GED and authenticate their identity. Identity authentication can be done online or at a Columbia College Campus.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Columbia College offers a fixed price for its traditional classes. The cost of tuition is $23,498 for two semesters of full-time attendance. Columbia College considers full-time to be a minimum of 12 hours. The cost is guaranteed not to change if the student completes their education within five years.

In addition to tuition, students will pay for room and board, books and any necessary fees. Columbia College estimates that a cost for a year of full-time study with room, board, and personal expenses is about $37,554.

Columbia College does offer financial aid awards that are both merit- and need-based. Grants and scholarships offered by the college range in amount from about $500 to the full cost of tuition. Columbia College offers a number of scholarships that are worth $1,000 through $10,000. In addition to these, students can use outside scholarships to assist with paying tuition and other related expenses.

Students should complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, to learn if they are eligible for state or federal grants. The FAFSA is also used for most need-based scholarships and some student loans. Students who wish to take part in a work-study program cannot do so without the FAFSA.

The cost of attending Columbia College’s online campus is $4,200 per semester for a full-time course load of 12 hours or more. This cost also applies to all extended campuses and the evening classes that are held at the Columbia College home campus.

Columbia College has a long relationship working with the military due to a number of satellite campuses on military bases. Columbia College provides scholarships specifically or veterans and their families. The school also provides grants that pay full tuition for certain classes. Discounting is available for military families at 20 to 50 percent off tuition.

Learn more about attending Columbia College by visiting the school’s website.