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Tax Me If You Can: Bizarre Things You Can Get Tax Reductions For

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Tax Me If You Can: Bizarre Things You Can Get Tax Reductions For

Medical expenses

The IRS allows you to deduct medical expenses as long as they're 7.5% or more of your adjusted gross income

- Deductions can be used for:
- doctor's visits
- chiropractor visits
- acupuncture
- Christian Science practitioners
- Practically anyone else who can claim that treatment is medically necessary.
- Up to 23.5 cents per mile may be deducted for travel expenses
- Travel to and from appointments and procedures
- Travel to and from conferences about your specific medical condition
- Travel to and from meetings like Alcoholics Anonymous
- Deductions can be made if you have children with diagnosed learning disabilities
- Special education services
- Therapies
- Travel expenses
- Tuition costs to higher education programs for people with learning disabilities
- Weight loss
- If your doctor tells you that your weight is causing health problems, you may be able to deduct methods of weight loss as a medical expense
- As long as your doctor signs off on it, this could include:
- Personal trainers
- Gym membership
- Equipment
- Meal plans
- Consultations
- Smoking cessation
- Smoking cessation classes, patches and aides may be deducted as medical expenses

Swimming pool

- A man who was diagnosed with emphysema was told by his doctor that swimming would help him improve his lung health
- The IRS allowed him to deduct the cost of his pool, chemicals and supplies as a medical expense

Sex-change operation

- A man who felt that he was a woman trapped inside a man's body was diagnosed with gender-identity disorder
- The IRS granted his claim that a sex-change operation was a medical expense since it was to treat a diagnosed disease
- $14,500 was deducted to cover hormone therapy and sexual-reassignment surgeries

Cosmetic surgery

- In 1988, a stripper named Chesty Love claimed a $2,088 breast enlargement surgery as a business expense
- She was granted the deduction in appeals court
- This opened a door for people in the entertainment industry to claim deductions on cosmetic procedures that will earn them more money

Clarinet lessons

- If your kid has an overbite, clarinet lessons are a good way to go
- In 1962, orthodontists argued that playing the clarinet helps with a child's overbite and should qualify as a medical expense
- Tax deductions can be obtained for the cost of the instrument and the lessons

Whaling Ships

- As of 2004, whaling captains are eligible for up to $10,000 in deductions for ship repairs, equipment purchases and other whaling expenses.
- In the US, whaling is banned for all but Native American cultures